We Need Our Watson’s Thermal Outfit to go Skiing This Weekend!

If you are a skier, you know how important a good pair of thermal underwear and top set is. Without a good thermal set,  you will be freezing your little bum off on the ski slopes. Just in time for our upcoming ski holidays, Watson’s has sent Hayley a set of thermal underwear and top, to wear under her ski outfit.262_watson_logo

Watson’s  has thermal underwear and tops for ladies, men, girls, and boys,  They offer winter wear including a waffle, performance, double layer, and micro fleece line. Their entire collation of winter base layers will keep your children warm all winter long, even during the time when the temperatures dip into the single digits.

Hayley was sent the Double Layer Long Sleeve Top in blue with the Long John Double Layer pants. While we use the Double Layer collection under her ski clothes, you can dress your kids most days in these johnny and top set to keep them warm and comfortable. These garments possess two layers that are designed to trap body heat inside your child’s clothing. I know when Hayley wears her Watson’s Thermal Outfit she stays warm and comfy, even in the temperatures fall below zero.

Watson's Thermal


Watson's thermal underwear

I always put the thermal set on under ski clothes. They fit very well and do not bundle up, like other thermal sets we previously owned. With previous sets, they would end up falling off of her and would not fit correctly. These sets fit her like a glove, even with her being super petite. She tells me that she stays nice and warm, and she really enjoys wearing them.  Most times she can go with just a ski jacket on over the thermals, as it does give her the warmth she needs. WAT7355_cat

It is hard to find a good toddler thermal underwear and top set, but Watson’s has them right now on their site. You can also go shopping for yourself and husband, so the whole family can be equipped for ski season. The prices are fantastic too so be sure to check out Watson’s today for all your thermal needs.




*I was provided an outfit for review purposes. As always, all my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.


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