I am a LifeLock Brand Ambassador and an awesome LifeLock Sweepstakes!

Since the FTC estimates that over 8 million identity thefts occur each year, I am thrilled to have been chosen to become an ambassador for LifeLock. As a mom who is digitally active, identity theft and digital security are paramount to me. LifeLock helps to protect your identity through all of the key facets of your life, and this is the type of protection that we need now more than ever.

I am also excited to announce that on this past September 11th, LifeLock launched the LifeLock for Life Sweepstakes on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/LifeLock/app_260986044011824). Players are asked a series of 10 multiple choice questions each week related to helping protect your identity for a chance to win weekly and monthly prizes.
Each month, questions will concentrate on specific life events, such as purchasing a new home, donating online, and protecting yourself while shopping online. Prizes will include Visa gift cards, LifeLock memberships, and family vacations. For example the first question topic for September included key questions relating to going back to school.

If you “Like” LifeLock on Facebook, visit the LifeLock for Life tab, and start playing, you can learn more about how these life events affect the security of your identity. Each correct answer will equal an entry into the contest. This sweepstakes will continue throughout 2013 for multiple chances to win. This is an exciting opportunity to win prizes while you learn how to better protect you and your family.

Identity theft comes in many forms, and can have serious detrimental consequences in many facets of your life. With new technologies being introduced at such a rapid rate, and being quickly integrated into our lifestyles, there is a need to keep up with appropriate security measures as well. LifeLock presents the opportunity to put that protection in place before problems have the chance to arise. I know as a mother and as a professional I am able to sleep better at night knowing LifeLock uses Intuitive threat detection, advanced internet surveillance and a proactive alert system to keep us safe. I also like knowing that there is 24/7 live personal service available at all times. Thanks LifeLock Identity Theft Protection for watching out for us! If you play the sweepstakes you may just win your own membership! Good luck!


*This is a sponsored post on behalf of LifeLock. As always, all my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.

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  1. Jenna Wood says

    We JUST had an instance of identity theft last weekend. There was a $100 withdrawal made 100 miles away, on our debit card. When we went into the branch to contest it, the teller told us another customer had just left with a contested charge from the same location! Very scary. I need to look into LifeLock.

  2. says

    We really need to get LifeLock. My husband a had credit report of another individual combined with his credit report (their SS#’s were 1 digit off). That was about 6 years ago and we are still trying to clean up the mess. It’s amazing how many new credit issues show up each year from the other individual. It’s enough where we think this individual is taking advantage of the situation. Not sure if LifeLock would help in this instance but it’s worth a shot.

  3. says

    Identity theft is such a scary thing. I had a bank call me to ask if someone I had never heard of had my permission to deposit a check made out to me into his account. They called because he was trying to cash mulitple other people’s checks into the account.

  4. says

    I know way too much about identity theft than i care to know. mine was stolen years ago and it was not only a pain but put almost took all my money out of my account. =/

  5. says

    Everyone needs to protect themselves against identity theft. Even with your owh family members. I had a family member get hold of my mom’s information somehow while visiting her house and they ran up 12k in dept on a credit card in one month BEFORE the card company called her to let her know. It caused all sorts of legal and financial difficulty