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Happy weekend! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. We have two 40th birthday parties and a 4 year old birthday party too- very busy weekend for us! Whatever you do, enjoy!

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Now, onto the laughs. You know the drill- link up any funny, cute, or top 5 laugh post. Some people emailed me and asked if it needs to be about kids. Definitely not- just something that will make us smile! There are no rules but if you feel like taking my button or helping me share via social media sites, feel free too!

Top 5 laughs:

5. The weather here has been crazy lately. This week I dressed Hayley in shorts without checking the weather and it was only 50 degrees. We go outside and she asks, “Mommy,  why am I wearing shorts today-  It is cold.”-MOMMY fail!

4. Zane is obsessed with blueberries. He can eat an entire package if I let him. However, check a dirty diaper after and you will never want to give a kid blueberries again,lol.

3. On my way to work, I completely was listening to the music in my own world. Work is exactly 25 minutes from my home. Well, I cranked up the music and next thing I know, I crossed the border into Massachusetts and spent 1.5 hours going to work. Did this ever happen to anyone?

2. I had an event this week with some of my RI blog friends who I am very grateful to have met. They all rock! Anyway, I was getting ready and Hayley says, “Mommy, you look gorgeous tonight.” It melted my heart.

1. I was at work this week and my husband called me. Hayley gets on the phone and asked what I was doing. I said, I was working. She responds, ” Mommy, are you making money so you can buy me toys.” That girl!!! Yes, honey, I am making money only so I can afford your barbies, lol.

Now your turn:


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25 comments to Saturday’s Top Five Laughs- Come join our Blog Hop!

  • I love #1. Of course that”s what we’re doing at work. Yup. Although #2 was terribly sweet. Awwww. When they say that, it makes #1 OK. :)

  • Blueberries?! Have you ever changed the diaper of a baby who was eating grapes? I did when I was about 13 for a boy I was babysitting. I was like how am I ever going to get all those grape skins off his rear?

  • Been there with the blueberries!! :D

  • Love that about the blueberries. We have similar problem with corn! I LOVE H telling you that you looked gorgeous! So so sweet!

  • Thanks for checking out my blog! I was cracking up at your 5 funnies. BEEN there with the blueberries! But they are so sweet and tasty this time of year its hard not to eat the whole package!

  • Great laughs, I love them all!! Hayley is so sweet and so funny. Poor Zane with the berry booty!! And you too!! Have a great weekend!!

  • [...] RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!I am linking up again this week with Mommyhood Chronicles to share my top five laughs. Only, I must admit, I’m only going to share one laugh today, but to me it’s worth [...]

  • I’m so with you on the crazy weather – I did that more than once toward the end of the school year, and of course by the time you’re leaving for school you don’t have time to go back and change! :) Have a great weekend!

  • Same blueberry issue over here! I even wrote about it! :) Talk to you later!

  • I’ve heard of music moving a persons soul. But moving them into a different state…that’s awesome.

  • Won’t let me link up, says my URL is over 100 characters

  • My like is #4 and I linked up well over 12 hours ago (and 19 people have linked up after me) and I’ve gotten ONE comment on my post. ONE. It’s disappointing to say the least when people don’t play by the rules.

    I know THEY want traffic, but it’s supposed to be give and take. Shame.

  • *link*

    Sorry, having trouble typing since I have ne arm immobilized from shoulder surgery. Yet, I still was doing my part.

    • Melisss

      I hope your arm feels better and you recuperate. There are no rules other than linking up a cute post, but I hope if you did comment on others posts, they do get you back.

  • That Hayley is a smart little cookie! She gets it, gotta work hard for the fun things in life ;) I had a blueberry diaper today from Natalie – yuck! I can’t believe how far you drove – I’ve never gone that far but I have driven past my destination because I was in my own world!! Great laughs and I hope all the birthday parties are tons of fun!!

  • Hayley says the cutest things! So sweet. Wolf Prince loves blueberries too and raspberries. Raspberries aren’t nearly as bad diaper-wise. I was busy this morning, so my post is a little later than normal, but it’s up now.

  • I JUST changed a blueberry diaper–my friend’s daughter–and I was warned, but WOW! As for your hour and a half drive, it is surprising when I DON’T do that! Your daughter could not be sweeter, you gorgeous mama!

  • HAHAHA! Hayley is too cute! That is adorable Zane loves blueberries :) What an epic way to drive to work! I linked up this week! Xoxo

  • LOL! Hayley is adorable. She seems like quite the sweetheart. Anyone in the world could give us a compliment but it always means so much more coming from our children :) By the way, i’ve totally done the shorts on cooler days. It’s usually hot here in FL but last week i had her in shorts and a tank top when it was pouring down rain and cool out. I had to change her in the car before she went into school! It happens to us all..

  • oh Blueberry diapers are naaaaaaaaaasty! Breanna loves them too & its like what will come up in the next poopy diaper lol

  • #3 is great, although I have never ended up THAT far off from where I should have been, but I have definitally missed my street because I was into my music! We are not really blueberry eaters here, and after reading this post, I think we will continue to not eat blueberries! ;-)

  • Kristy

    So funny! I love this idea of keeping track of the things that make you laugh.

  • maria

    hayley cracks me up! i was lol that she asked you if you were making money so you could buy her toys! HAHAHA!

    ohhh, and i’ve so been there where i drive and end up somewhere totally not intended…in fact, i did it today and on friday. yep! :)

    so wonderful that you got to meet blog friends…so happy for you, melissa…i’m sure it was a blast!

    i love your laughs!!
    have a happy week <3

  • #2 is so sweet and #1 is hilarious!
    I understand about the diapers, LOL!

  • Chelsea Saulpaugh

    LOL! I can relate to the Massachusetts incident. I once ended up in Vermont (I live near the border in NY) on the way to a doctor’s appt. Lets just say, I didn’t make it to that one on time.