Buying and Selling a Car!

I had a truly great weekend. I went car shopping with my husband and dad on Father’s Day. My lease on my car is up but I am not sure if I want to re-lease a new car or outright buy a car. So, on Father’s Day, we went from dealership to dealership looking for cars. I think I am more confused than ever which way I want to go and what type of car I want. I know that I want a big car with third row seating. Presently I have an X5 which I love but it just is not big enough. I know, I am crazy but if I want a third child, there is no where to put the infant seat. I have to look into the future and the X5 ,while a fantastic car, is just not big enough for my family. Some of the dealerships we looked at this weekend included Audi, Honda, Mercedes, Lexus, and Chervolette. However, I really have no idea which way I am leaning toward in terms of what brand or whether it is more convenient to lease or buy. Decisions..Decisions..

One thing I do know though, is we must get rid of my husband’s car that has been sitting on the driveway for months now. The car is only a few years old and is still running perfectly. We really have no need for a third car and it is wasting space on our two car garage. My husband is having a very hard time with parting with the car but I really do believe it is the best decision for us.

Luckily, I found out about a site called We Will Buy Your Car that will readily enable us to get sell our car without going through all the hastles of trying to find a buyer. The best part of going through this site is they will not charge you any additional fees and they will not take the car until the money has been cleared in our bank account. How is that for service!  They will also be able to directly pick up the car from my driveway. I am trying to convince my husband that this is probably the best idea, as we do not need the third car anymore. He told me he will think about it! That is a start, I guess!

Have you sold a car before? Was it difficult?



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    I’ve never sold a car. I’ve always traded them in. However for once in my life I’ve actually paid off a car and will probably drive my Acura until it quits on me because I love not having a car payment.

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    We don’t have any car payments, and will probably keep this car until it dies. Not having any car payment is heavenly…We have 3 kids, 3 car seats and they all fit in our jeep third row! :) Look into Sunshine kids carseats, they are slimline, made just for people who need to fit 3 carseats in one row.