A day in Melissa’s life!

I get emails from time to time thanking me for some of my posts, as well as asking me dental questions. I also get people asking if I practice dentistry and own a blog simultaneously- or if I am only a blog owner and not practicing. First off, I thank everyone for their nice comments. I really do appreciate it, as I work very hard on my blog. In terms of the second question I get asked, yes- I am a practicing kids’ dentist. I work three days a week at an amazing dental health clinic in Rhode Island that serves underprivileged children. Nothing gives me a greater smile than the days I go to work and get to make a difference in the lives of these children.

While blogging has become a part-time job to me, I have no intent or interest to make it a full-time job. I love being a dentist and that is my primary job. However, I am so thankful for the ability to be a blog owner and have so many wonderful followers and work with some of the most amazing companies and PR firms out there! I am a lucky girl!

My intent to start a blog was to chronicle the lives of my kids through my writing. I had zero intent to ever make money off of my blog or to do reviews when I started my site in July 2011. However, one night when I was sitting with my husband at dinner, I was telling him that I might be ready to take the blog to the next level. I really had no idea what that meant or how I would go about doing that.

The next month, I started forming connections with some great mom blogs. I went about this in all sorts of ways such as ¬†friending similar niche blogs on twitter/fb or finding blogs through a google search engine. I quickly and successfully found my way into the blogging world and made some amazing friends along the way. If it wasn’t for my “mom” blogger friends, I am not sure I would still be here doing what I love. Nothing gives me greater joy than to read all their wonderful posts and give me support on some of my personal situations in dealing with my kids (ex: Zane’s food allergies).

After I established my connections, I got my first pitch to do a review/giveaway. This was in August 2011 and I was SO EXCITED! I kept thinking- they want me!! The first giveaway went off without a hitch and then I decided that I was going to start pitching companies. I was nervous as all heck but I knew this is what I wanted to do. I am extremely grateful that about 70 percent of the companies I pitched wanted to work with me. My blog began to grow leaps and bounds and I am extremely excited where it has taken me. I now am at the point where I don’t pitch much at all because I developed some great connections with some awesome PR firms. Again I feel very lucky. I also got accepted to some awesome companies back in August who I greatly enjoy working for- such as Mom Central, Social Fabric, and Clever Girls. I had the honor just this year of being a Maytag and Huggies ambassador! I guess what I am saying is that if you want to make ¬†it in the blogging world- you can! You just have to put your heart and sole into it. Develop a great support team and you are on your way!

I am now trying to figure out the perfect balance on my blog. This is the hard part. I do want to do personal posts, and believe this is an integral part of my blog. I will never be a soley review-giveaway blogger, as this is not the direction I want my blog to take. I want to incorporate all aspects into my blog, and so far I think I am doing a good job. I hope you all enjoy the work I do on my site!

I thought it would be cute to give you a day in the life of Melissa:

8 am-wake up, get kids dressed, get myself ready for work

8:30 am- finish feeding the kids and leave for work

9-5- work in the dental office ( I work 3 days a week)-

12-1 lunch hour at work- I look at my blog and come up with topics for the week

5:30-6:00- check out my mom friends blogs and read. I love reading other people blogs for advice and such

6:00-9- play with the kids, feed the kids, bath the kids, fun time

9-1- Blog- I blog and respond to all emails for the most part during these hours.

So there you have it, a day in the life of Melissa. Happy Blogging! Enjoy your blog and all good things will come of it!


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  1. says

    Isn’t it amazing what we are capable of doing? Of course, time management and the awesome blogger support system are helpful.

  2. Candice says

    You are doing a great job! Keep up the amazing work and always make time for you! :)

  3. Kassie says

    OK reading that you stay up to 1am is making me tired. Granted that is probably one aspect of why I haven’t really posted ina while on my blog is because I have just been so tired lately and just want to sleep, but I’m figuring it all out and how to get back into posting at a more regular interval.

  4. says

    How does your husband feel about this? Do you feel like you are taking away from time with him when you are blogging in the evenings? Anytime we get crazy, my blog always gets pushed aside and I hate it. Hence, right now, I have barely even posted because my days are 5:30 – 7 am – wake up, get ready, pack lunch, get kids up, dressed and out the door. 8-5ish work (no real lunch break) 6-7pm pick up kids and arrive home (I work an hour away), 7-8 pm dinner, playtime and bedtime for the kids. 8-9:30 ish – my workout time. 9:30ish to when I crash – clean, veg, blog, attempt to spend time with my husband! ; )

  5. says

    I always wondered how you had so many great giveaways—sounds like you really went out there to pitch the companies and now they pretty much come to you. Thanks for sharing!

  6. says

    Sounds about right!! You did get SUPER lucky to get in with the right people at the right time. You forgot about the nights out with the girls, tennis, book cub, pool time, manis/pedis, and your massages!!! Don’t know how you fit everything in girl!

  7. says

    It sounds as if you have found a wonderful balance. Sometimes blogs have a tendency to take over a life and I am taking this summer off from doing a lot of review/giveaways as I want to spend more time with my family.
    I enjoy reading your blog and getting to know you.

  8. says

    You are a busy momma and I bet you are a great dentist. Thanks for helping those children!!! You go girl.

  9. says

    Amazing, I started blogging August 2011, and started getting reviews just a few months later, It’s amazing how fast it can take off isn’t it? But I love it! Finding balance is definitely where I struggle too. But it is completely worth it, as I have a creative outlet and I stay home with my family.

  10. says

    Your blog is definitely one of my favorites. Thank you so much for sharing how you do it all. It gives me hope. :)

  11. says

    Hi Melissa,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story. It is definitely inspiring for us newbie bloggers who are still just trying to figure out this crazy online world! Love your blog. Keep up the good work!

  12. says

    I know it’s difficult to balance working outside the home and blogging. I’m a full time work outside mom and have one boy, age 4, and he keeps us super busy! You are doing a great job finding a balance.

  13. says

    Im having a hard time finding a balance between blogging, working and family right now. The blogging keeps getting pushed aside, but it my only release!

  14. says

    You go to bed at 1am? Every night? I thought I stayed up late lol
    I enjoyed reading how you got to be the blogger you are Melissa. I love your personal posts best, because your kids are super cute and I just love connecting with you on a more personal level. But I wish you well on your success with the other aspects of your blog too! One of my first blog friends, and I just adore you xo

  15. says

    You sound like me – busy, busy, busy! Lol. I don’t work “outside” of the home, but with four kids and homeschooling, life is non stop for me. Blogging can’t be full time for me because my family is. But I love the balancing act; it’s a fun challenge.
    Great post, Melissa – it’s always nice to hear more personal posts from bloggers!

  16. sheri grennille says

    thank you for sharing – you are a busy person, and busy people always get the most done!

  17. says

    I never thought I’d like someone who is a dentist. ;) Seriously I’m terrified of dentist…But however you are awesome.

  18. Linda Meyers-Gabbard says

    You are an awesome woman and mom. You seem to have it all together. I love your blog.
    I enjoyed this little glimps into your life. Your children are adorable.
    Blessings to you and your family.

  19. says

    you do a fabulous job at keeping your blog extremely versatile, fun and full or wonderful stories and products. it is the perfect balance. i can always come to your blog and find great insight on new products, gain inspiration from your stories and sweet family, smile at your beautiful photos and laugh at your saturday laughs!!
    it was so fun to read about a day in the life of you! you are one busy and awesome mama wife and friend, melissa! <3

  20. says

    I’ve thought about taking the next step but not sure if I’m ready to take the plunge yet :/ As a long time follower, I’m glad you still keep the blog personal to an extent. I love hearing about the kiddos :)