Swimming Pool Safety for the Summer!

This past Memorial Weekend marked the opening weekend for summer! BBQ’s, friends, beaches, and pools are some of the main attractions of the summer. However, along with all the fun, comes all the worry from us parents, about our kids going in the pools. I know for me, I made a switch from our local pool club to another local pool club, because I did not feel that pool safety was addressed in our old club. I saw life guards on their cell phones texting while they were supposed to be watching the children in the pools and manning the pools. For me, pool safety should be #1 and nothing should come above the attention that should be on those children swimming in the pools.

Here are some facts about swimming and some awful situations that can occur. This is not to scare you but to tell you, that we really need to be careful with the start of the summer season and to try to prevent any unnecessary  disasters that could strike. Drowning, as seen below is the #1 leading cause of injury to children ages 1-4.

  • • Drowning is the leading cause of injury deaths for children in the US between the ages of 1 and 4.
  • Children in that age group have the highest rates of both fatal and non-fatal drowning, with half of all fatal incidents occurring in swimming pools.
  • Analyzing national death and accident records from 2005-2009, the CDC report found that, on average, 3,880 people annually die in the US due to drowning.
  • And an estimated 5,790 people were treated in hospital emergency rooms for non-fatal drowning.
  • The drowning death rate among men was nearly four times that of women, the study also found.
  • Overall, drowning rates have dropped in the last decade and that’s a good sign that prevention efforts are working, but it’s not a reason to let down your guard, especially when it comes to our youngest.

Personally, I have a huge fear of my kids being around pools, so I took matters in my own hands. I enrolled Hayley in swim class starting at age 6 months, and Zane is now in swim class, as well. Both of my children by one year of age, were able to turn to their back to float in case of an emergency. I will do another post about the flotation lifesaving skills they have learned, but it truly is incredible. While some parents might not believe in swim lessons for kids a certain age, I am a believer! I am still not able to relax when we go to the pool, but at least know, if there is g-d forbid an accident, both of my kids will not drown. I owe this all to the swim lessons that they have started at such a young age.

Philadelphia attorney, Ross Feller Casey, also gives some  great additional tips to prevent drowning:

  • • Parents and children should learn survival swimming skills.
  • Environmental protections, such as isolation pool fences and lifeguards, should be in place.
  • Alcohol should be avoided while swimming, boating, water skiing, or supervising children.
  • Lifejackets should be used by all boaters and weaker swimmers.
  • Caregivers and supervisors should have CPR training.

Now, that summer is here and the fun has begun, I urge us, as parents, to be careful with our children around the pools. Kids can have fun in the pool and have a great summer, with some basic swimming pool safety achieved at the same time. Have a great summer!






*This is a partnered post. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.

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    I’m sending the kids to swimming classes right now and I stressed the safety part! We go to SoCal every summer and it’s the one thing I’m always worried about are the pools, great tips and reminders!

  2. says

    great post Melissa, this is why I am going to sign my 17 month baby for swim lessons this summer. With 4 kids it scares me that him and my 3 year old can’t swim. Thank you for the reminder, I need to get a hold of the teacher. :)

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    Like you, I started my daughter in swim classes at an early age. I want her to be a stronger swimmer than I am. At 4, she can pull herself out of the pull if she needs to and that helps me to be a little more comfortable. Thanks for sharing this great info!

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    Thank you for all of these tips! We moved to a neighborhood with a pool and I plan to go a lot this summer but I will admit that I am nervous!

  5. says

    Those are all great tips! I get so nervous about letting others supervise my kids while swimming. I feel like I have to be the one watching them all the time!