Dr. Panda Universal Kids App for the iPad, iPod, iPhone

Tribe Play is the creator of educational children’s games for the iPod, iPad, iPhone, and Droid Systems. They don’t only create educational games but they create games that your children will not want to put down. Believe me you will be so happy when they play their games on your apple and droid devices, as it is fun, keeps they playing for hours, and best of all they are learning!  Many times, you will download that one app that you think will be a perfect learning app for your kids only to find that it was a waste of money. The games from Tribe Play are made to avoid this mistake because they incorporate educators in their steps when they develop their apps. As they are playing, there will be no advertisement or accidental ways for them to purchase things by the press of a button. They will just have continued and exhilarating play.

One of their new games that they developed is the Dr. Panda-Teach Me!  kids app game for preschoolers. When we first downloaded this game on our iPad, I was in love with how cute it truly is. You have an adorable Panda and you can easily scroll over to see all the beautiful scenery this game with bring you  including Meadow, Jungle, Arctic, and  Jungle themes. When you click on and go into the games, your children with meet different sets of animals and use these creative images/sounds of the animals to complete 10 different activities.

Some features of the game include:

★ Long gameplay with extensive activities
★ Touch & Discover – animations and sounds
★ Rewards – finish activity and earn a decoration for your zoo!
★ Differences: Bigger/Smaller, Which one is different?
★ Patterns & Matching
★ Memory & Logic
★ Puzzles
★ Numbers
★ Colors

Hayley has three favorite activities when she played this app. She loved doing the counting of numbers as she not only heard the sounds of her favorite animals but also saw the animals go into the configuration of the number that was being sound. She got so excited when she heard the number 10 (for example) and then saw all the little birds go into the design of number 10.  She also loved the part of the app where she completed the puzzles to create her own animal. She loves doing jig-saw puzzles and this section allowed her to use her abilities to create her own unique animals.  Lastly, she enjoyed doing the “find the different one” game.  She had a choice of 4 creatures and had to pick out the one that is different. While these were her three favorites, she seriously loved all of them.

If you are looking for a great kids app for the kids ages 2-5, look no further than Dr. Panda- Teach Me! application of your iPod, iPhone, iPad, or Droid. You will be very happy that you did when you see your their faces light up with joy from playing such fun and truly educational games. There is a free lite version as well as a full version.  The best part is the price- $1.99- You can’t beat that!



*This is a partnered post that I wrote in conjunction with a blogger program. As always, all my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.

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  1. says

    This looks very fun and educational. My own preschooler would love it on her iPad. I will have to check it out on iTunes. Thanks for sharing.

  2. maria says

    the book is adorable!
    i’ve been praying for you lots this week, and hope that the days have been easing up on you and zane. i hope the little mr is feeling much better <3
    and that you were able to catch some much deserved zzz's.