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I hope everyone had a great week. I am looking forward to this weekend because one of my greatest friends is getting married. Should be a really great time!

I am very excited so many of you joined the last two weeks and wrote your own Saturday posts. I always look forward to reading these posts so please continue to help me spread the word about this link up. The only rule is you must either write a Saturday funny post or link to a funny post in your blog. Please do not link your blog URL, rather your post URL. If you decide to follow me or any of the other blogs, tell me/them so they can reciprocate back. It is really a great way to meet other bloggers. I hope you enjoy writing these as it can be a great end to the week post as well as great memories to last for the future. The link up is at the end of this post.!

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Here are my Saturday top five laughs:

5. Hayley randomly called me to her crib two nights back. I asked her what she wanted and she told me, “Mommy, I wanted to tell you, that you are beautiful.” I told her what else she wanted to tell me and she said that is it. Melted my heart!

4. Zane is really a funny duck when he wakes up. He always wakes up happy and rolls from one side of the crib to another. When he gets to the other side, he squeals with delight that he moved himself. He repeats this for an hour sometimes. I just sit and watch him on the monitor because it is so cute.

3. Zane got introduced to finger foods this week. Hayley will take his puffs and say, “Zane, I show you. I take one and then you take one. You must go slowly so you don’t choke.” Such a helper already at the age of 3.

2. Hayley told me the other day that she has a nice bum. Of course, I agreed. She then proceeds to ask me, “Mommy, why is your bum so much bigger than mine?” I was mortified.

1. Hayley is insistent of coming into the bathroom when anyone has to poop. She will sit there and ask whoever is on the potty, “Is it a small poop, big poop, round poop, long poop?” Where, oh where, does she get this from!? I can’t help laughing that she is so infatuated with poop.

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  1. Jamie says

    #5 is so sweet and #4 is so cute! Cupcakes does not wake up happy anymore! I mean, sometimes, she's happy for a minute or two, but then she stands up, looks for us and cries. :( #1 is so gross!!! Is that what I have to look forward to?! LOL!

    My post (which I haven't written yet eep) is going up first thing in the morning and I will be sure to link up!! Thanks for hosting!

    For Love of Cupcakes

  2. OverMom says

    LOL oh my heavens. #5 is totally something my kids would ask. Logan's newest thing is to describe his poop to us. Muma, it big poop. Muma, it tinky poop.

  3. Heather says

    I love how little girls have such a mothering instinct over their siblings. What a big helper!! The bum thing is totally funny, you shouldn't be mortified, I'd be worried if she had a bigger bum than you ;) I hate to admit it, but poop is a conversation that we have too often here too. Thankfully we are learning that that is bathroom only talk! Love these laughs and will be linking soon, what a wonderful hostess you are!!

  4. Nykki says

    Hayley cracks me up! I can't wait for that age when Olivia starts saying things like that. And I totally think her and hubs will compare poos, just sayin! Lol ;)


    Your daughter is right. You are beautiful! :) The poop thing is really funny and the bum bigger than hers thing is also really funny! Thanks for sharing! Have fun at your friend's wedding and a Happy Halloween!

  6. Carissa says

    Love the laughs, I have to tell you that our kids are so close in age. My little girl turned 3 in July and my baby boy, also a chunker, is 5 1/2 months old. I linked up and also follow you!

  7. Ixy says

    That bigger bum question gave me a good laugh. Kind of relieved my daughter is too young to come up with stuff like that yet.

  8. Eco-Crazy Mom says

    Congrats on being chosen as the featured blog on the Sunday blog hop! I am following your blog and would love a follow back at You may also add your link to my blog directory under the "bloggers" tab if you'd like!


  9. I'm NOT a VOLCANO! says

    these are hilarious! My funny moments of the week usually revolve around what my kids say to me too. LOL.

    i'm here from the MBS alexa hop. I'm following you on GFC and I'm off to leave you an alexa review.
    I would love a review and follow back, please! Thanks!


  10. Maria says

    hahahaha melissa! omygoodness, i love it!! "is it a long poop?" HILARIOUS!!! omygosh, i'm cracking up! we aren't shy about "poop talk" over here and it's just us LOL
    my best friends little girl says the funniest things. she calls her poo, "snakes"
    last month we took her girls to the park. we were pushing them on the swings and a mother and her baby came over. out of nowhere, addison says, "my mommy makes snakes…and when she has to let them out she leans back on the toilet" LOLOL we were laughing so hard we were crying. kelly (red in the face as the woman walked away and gave addison a weird look) was like, "WHERE DID THAT COME FROM, ADDISON?" addison said, bc i need to make snakes. :)
    love your saturday laughs!! and you DON'T have a big bum :)
    thank you for your support and sweet comment…so, so much. i totally wanted to write you earlier this week. later tonight, i'm going to write you when i have time to sit and not just write a few sentences :)
    maria <3

  11. Jamie L. says

    LOL @ the poop! Does she have the "everybody poops" book? My son used to do this but he would make you put a pad on.

  12. Brandi says

    Oh the pooping questions crack me up! LOL

    Marlee will come in whenever someone is going to the bathroom and tell us that we need to tell her when we are done. They are funny! :)

  13. portable wireless router says

    Too funny! I think all kids go through a poop stage, but boys it just last forever.