Wordless Wednesday, T minus 5 days and My Daughter is Three!!

We are getting very excited here because this weekend my Hayls turns three! We are having a big carnival shin dig for her that I am sure I will blog about but in the meantime enjoy the pictures:

Hayley on the day she was born:

Hayley on her first birthday:

Hayley on her second birthday:

Hayley presently at almost three  with her brother:


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  1. Heather says

    Happy Birthday Hayley!! What a precious post, it amazes me how much they change in only three years!! Great job, love it!

  2. Candice says

    I love the progression of photos. I'm sure she will have a wonderful birthday! Can't wait to see pics from the carnival party :)

  3. Jamie L. says

    Happy almost birthday! Look at all that hair when she was born, did you have lots of heartburn? LOL

    Your kids are blessed with such beautiful, shiny black hair!

  4. Maria says

    you take the sweetest pictures! omygoodness, she is a doll! i love her hat in the second picture!!
    happy birthday to hayley!! i can't wait to see the pictures of her carnival birthday! sounds like lots of fun!

  5. Lisa K says

    Your kids are so adorable! Seeing your pictures makes me wish that my kids are still little. Thank goodness for grand kids-lol!
    I am glad I found you while I was out blog hopping- Hope you will stop by and say hi sometime.

  6. Sheri says

    I loved seeing her growing up (to 3). She is so beautiful. Elmo was great too! Hope she has a wonderful birthday and can't wait to see more pictures.

  7. Holly says

    Such cute pictures! Happy Birthday to her and I am especially intrigued by this carnival theme you mentioned.

  8. euregirlsandboys says

    Great pictures! I love looking back like this. You can really see how much they've grown this way, can't you? I can't believe she started out with so much hair!

    Happy early 3rd birthday to Hayley! And good luck with the party – I know they're always worth it and the kids love them, but they can be stressful for the parents (at least that's how they are for me).

  9. LOVE MELISSA:) says

    Thank you so much!!! I have been working very hard on this carnival party. It could be awesome or a total bust. We shall see!!

  10. Kassie says

    Its going to be such a blast!! Oh and just to let you know I am going to steal that red and gold rug. It matches perfectly!

  11. Stephanie of Gumdrop Pass says

    Oh my GOODNESS! I know I've said it before, but I just think she is one of the cutest little girls ever! I love her dark hair (that she's obviously had since birth!) and she has the cutest smile. Early birthday wishes to her and congratulations to you for having such beautiful children! :)

  12. Kate says

    Absolutely precious! Happy (Early) Birthday Hayley! Love all of the photos and her darling dark hair! Jonah has been bald since birth and he is still bald, haha.

    Thanks for sharing!

  13. Judy Haughton-James says

    Hello Melissa,
    These pictures are so beautiful! You have an adorable daughter! Happy Birthday wishes are coming all the way from Jamaica to Hayley on her 3rd birthday! I am sure she is going to have a whale of a time as she had on other birthdays. I will be looking out for all the pictures. Thanks for visiting my Blog. I am now a new Follower of your Blog. Take care and my best wishes to you and your family.

  14. JDaniel4's Mom says

    Three has been full of surprises, challenges and joys. I hope Haley has a wonderful birthday filled with suprises and joys.

  15. Myndee says

    So so cute! I can't believe our girls are about to be THREE! I hope y'all have a wonderful day and fantastic party! :)

  16. Mommy's Sippy Cup says

    Happy, happy birthday in T minus 5 days! :) hehe How exciting!!
    You have such a beautiful family. I'm so glad you found my blog!!

    Your follow button isn't popping up. Am I missing it?? Adding your button, though :)

  17. Jessica @ TheCrazyChaoticHouse says

    Your children and that black hair….hahaha, my goodness. She was born with a full head of hair too. Did either of them ever lose it? Can't wait to see pictures of the big party. Carnival party should be tons of fun…have fun!