This day impacted my life more than my words can tell. On September 11, 2001, I woke up during my second year of dental school (actually I was up all night cramming for an anatomy exam) and turned on the Today Show as I usually did. I turned and saw what I thought was a small plane hit some building structure in NY. The reporters didn’t really know what was going on but in my mind, but it didn’t seem like a big news story. That was at 8:56 am, before any real information came in.

I got dressed and went to school. I arrived at at 9:40 am. Right away, I knew something was wrong because everyone was hysterical and the whole atmosphere was chaotic. My friend told me to come downstairs and watch the television. Then I heard the devasting news that affected the entire world. My heart ached and my initial thought was pure fear.

My father works near that area as well as my two good friends who were in Building 5, which is in walking distance from the Trade Center. I remember calling my parents as well as my friends and all I got was a busy tone. I was physically ill. I thought for a split second that I could have lost them all. When I finally got in touch with them around 10:00pm, I was relieved for them. However, for all those 2,819 victims, my heart will always ache. For all those children who lost their fathers, my heart will ache. For all those who were born never knowing their fathers, my heart aches. For all those who lost their spouses, my heart aches. For all those who lost family/friends, my heart aches. The devastation from this day is undescribable. I don’t think, we as a nation, will ever forget this day.

I do want to give a special shout out to the armed forces on this day, who continue to provide protection and safety for all of us. This post would be not complete if I didn’t mention my good friend, Christopher Ryan, who just came back from a 12-month deployment in Iraq.  We prayed for you everyday and are glad you are safely back with us. To all the military, firefighters, law inforcements,  EMTs, volunteers, a big personal Thank You from me!

I know, I was lucky, I did not lose anyone that day. I know everyone can’t say the same, and for that I am extremely grateful. Today, I will hug my children and husband closer. I will ALWAYS REMEMBER!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

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  1. A Mother's Thoughts says

    It truely was a horrific day! I am so happy that your family were safe though. For every bad that happens in our (or others) lives, it takes a strong person to overcome the emotional damage that so many suffered that day! God speed!


  2. Mary says

    God Bless America. We as american's will stand and face any evil. My hearts and prayers go out to all the military, police officers, EMT's, Firefighters and all those courageous people on the Flight 93. And for all the heroes of that day.


  3. JDaniel4's Mom says

    I am glad everyone was okay. It was so hard not being able to reach everyone you wanted to check on that day.

  4. Mandi says

    Yikes, that must have been so scary, the waiting to hear. I'm glad all your friends and family were safe.

    We'll never forget.

    Visiting from the WW hop, and following.

    Smile and Mama With Me

  5. Jollyjillys says

    HI trying again . Very moving. I'm in the uk so felt for victims and relatives . My husband is a fire fighter so I identify with those that lost people in the services.
    The uk also lost many who worked there. Very sad time in history

  6. Lisa says

    thankyou for sharing, on a personal note, whilst I agree with "God Bless America", also remember the World Trade Centre was chosen as it had such a huge multi-cultural community. Australians died, British died, French and German, Asian… The attack was very much on American soil, but it was an attack on the community of the world. God bless every nation affected by this disgusting act and I pray that the next decade is ten years of healing and growth for us all

  7. Erin Wallace says

    Today is difficult for me and I don't know anyone who lives remotely near to NYC. I can't imagine what you must have gone through. We must never forget.

  8. cindymom says

    Your sister was also in NY going to school right near the twin towers. I could not reach either dad or her. We all thought that the planes were just the beginning of the destruction and we had no way to reach anyone in NY. A day we that noone should ever forget.

  9. Anonymous says

    Visiting early from Monday Mingle- I have also blogged about 911. Peace and Safety, thanks for sharing. We are blessed. ~ Dawn @ Beneath The Surface: Breath of Faith

  10. Delco Deal Diva says

    Very touching post. God Bless America!

    Newest follower via GFC Hope you will stiop by to say hi!

    - Kelly

  11. allysmama says

    Great Post!! It was a day that will never be forgotten! God Bless America!! AMEN!

    I'm your newest follower (allysmama)…from the Monday Madness Blog Hop!

  12. Grumpy Grateful Mom says

    Yes, extra hugs going to my children too. That's scary you had people you loved who were so close. My thoughts go out to those who were affected by that day and for those who continue to serve our country.

  13. GrumpyJaxMomOf3 says

    I am grateful to have you follow my blog and I will follow you. I have not been blogging for long. Grumpy mom is a dear friend of mine and talked me into it…. I'm so thankful she did :)

  14. GrumpyJaxMomOf3 says

    That day was such a sad say… We lost many people who worked for the company I worked for since one of our main offices was in the twin towers…. I will never forget although sometimes it seems as though it might be the easier option… The sadness is hard!

  15. Maria says

    what a touching post. thank you so much for sharing. it is so true…to hold onto what you do have just a little bit closer. it puts everything into perspective.
    hope you had a wonderful weekend

  16. Stephanie of Gumdrop Pass says

    Thanks for sharing your story. I can't IMAGINE what it must have felt like to not have heard from your family on that day.

    Yesterday was full of TEARS for me. I watched all of the tributes on TV and just bawled. However, it is such a beautiful thing to see all of the love that came from something so tragic.

  17. Secret Mom Thoughts says

    It is a horrible day in our history. I definitely want to hug everyone a little tighter too.