Empowering Girls with SpacePop!

Have you heard for the new YouTube show, SpacePop?! If not you must check it out!

ABOUT SpacePop:

SpacePop is an animated entertainment series focusing on girl empowerment, friendship and adventure. The show includes five teenage princesses who disguise themselves as musicians and form a band while they secretly plot to a rebellion against the evil Empress Geela.

Now SpacePOP has some cool new items for those who love their YouTube Channel!

Some of their most adorable items include:

Rockstar Warrior Princess Drop Shoulder Ruffle Hoodie from Jaya: This rainbow screen-printed, ruffled hoodie will be sure to bring out your inner Rockstar Warrior Princess.


Ruffled Sharkbite Hem Dress from Jaya: She’ll feel like a rockstar in this funky dress that is perfect for the winter months!

 Empowering Girls with SpacePop!
Metallic Bomber Jacket from Jaya: All eyes on you with this hot pink and black zip up jacket!  Empowering Girls with SpacePop!

Be sure to check out SpacePOP and all their awesome apparel today! Happy shopping and watching!

*I worked with SpacePOP. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.*

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