Seasonal Flavors at Denny’s – Taste the Holidays!

Seasonal flavors are one of my favorite parts of the holidays. Just as the leaves are changing outside, the flavors are changing at many of my favorite restaurants. And the place that does seasonal flavors the best is Denny’s. The capture the feel of the holidays with their delicious flavors that are tailor made for the holiday season. They even have reindeer pancakes! Yay!Dennys

*I am a Denny’s ambassador. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.*

Seasonal Flavors Done Right at Denny’s

So here’s the deal on Denny’s. It’s delicious. We all know this. What a lot of people might not know is that Denny’s does the holidays up big time with delicious flavors perfect for the season and the holidays. From classic breakfasts with an added twist to the holiday meal options we all love, Denny’s seasonal menu, only available for a limited time gives us all the flavors we love from the season and from the holidays.

Right now, Denny’s is going all-out on their season flavors, focusing on classic turkey dinner as well as pumpkin, pecan, and caramel. It’s all fall flavors and holiday cheer all the time at Denny’s, and because they’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – including holidays – you can get that delicious flavor anytime you want it, even when traveling for the holidays. Let’s take a look at their delicious new flavors!

Salted Caramel & Banana Cram Pancake BreakfastDennys

Two fluffy buttermilk pancakes with shortbread pieces cooked right in, layered with vanilla cream and topped with fresh banana, warm salted caramel sauce, and more shortbread pieces. It comes with two eggs, hash browns, and your choice of two strips of bacon or sausage links.

Pumpkin Cream Pancake BreakfastDennys

Fluffy pumpkin pancakes layered and topped with tasty pumpkin cream and served with two eggs, hash browns, and your choice of two strips of bacon or sausage links.

Sticky Bun Pancake BreakfastDennys

Sweet cinnamon sauce and cream cheese icing are drizzled over two fluffy buttermilk pancakes with glazed pecans cooked right in. It comes with two eggs, hash browns, and your choice of two strips of bacon or sausage links.

Rudolph Pancake Breakfast

Quite possibly the cutest addition to Denny’s seasonal flavors menu. “Rudolph” includes a head of fluffy pancakes, turkey bacon antlers, and topped with vanilla cream and chocolate eyes and nose. Rudolph comes with two eggs and hash browns.

Turkey and Dressing Dinner

Get the classic seasonal flavors of Denny’s Turkey and Dressing Dinner. Features a new recipe with perfectly carved slices of turkey breast and served with savory stuffing, turkey gravy, cranberry sauce, and a choice of two sides and dinner bread.

Seasonal Flavors for Dessert

You can also enjoy delicious desserts featuring seasonal flavors. Enjoy Red Velvet Pancake Puppies, Holiday Cookie Milk Shakes, and Pumpkin and Pecan pies.

Seasonal Flavors Any Time, for a Limited Time

Denny’s does seasonal flavors up big, and they do them up right. But only for a limited time. The good news is that Denny’s is offering all of their delicious seasonal flavors day or night everyday while they’re still here. That means that whether it’s Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or 2 AM on a Wednesday in the middle of Utah while you’re on your way to see the family, you can enjoy great Denny’s food and all of their delicious seasonal flavors.

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