First Check – Protect Your Kids from Drugs!

First Check is a home drug testing company that helps parent protect their kids from drugs. By using this home drug testing service, you can easily test your kids for a variety of drugs in their system. This makes it a great tool for parents who are worried that their children may be going down the wrong path or as a way for kids to have an out when they’re being pressured by friends to do drugs. with First Check, you can help protect your kids proactively, and that’s important for any kid.


*This is a sponsored post with First Check. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.*

First Check – Your First Line of Defense

Peer pressure is real. It always has been. I remember the pressure to fit in well. When I was in school, I had some friends who were going down the wrong path. They were getting into drugs and getting into trouble. And they wanted me to join them. Thankfully, I had a strong family unit that helped me rise above peer pressure, but I knew some kids who didn’t have that same solid foundation, and they were all too eager to follow the wrong path just to be cool.

Now that I have kids of my own, I’m always on the lookout for signs of peer pressure. Although even my oldest isn’t quite at the age where peer pressure to do drugs is an issue, I know that day is coming all too quickly. There will come a time when some of her friends start wading through dangerous waters, and I want her to be able to resist the pressure to follow along with the crowd.

I also know that some of her friends may not be able to resist that pressure. Heck, she may not be able to resist that pressure. No one knows with certainty what the future might bring. Whether she can resist peer pressure or not, I know that when she reaches that age that’s so full of dangers, First Check will help me keep her safe.

First Check is a home drug testing service that allows parents to help their kids resist drugs, or if they suspect there’s a problem, figure it out quickly.

What First Check Does

First Check allows parents to easily test for several types of drugs in their children’s systems. It gives parents accurate answers to the hard question:  “Is my child using drugs?” And it does it in the privacy of our homes. It’s easy to use and provides 99% accurate results in five minutes and free confirmatory mail-in lab testing. First Check detects up to 12 of the most commonly abused drugs, including 7 illicit street drugs and 5 prescription drugs.

What I love about First Check is that it can be used to stop drug use before it starts. Testing with First Check can be a verification method for your kids to show you that they are not using drugs. It can also be an excellent excuse for the when drug use comes up. Think: “Oh man. That looks like fun, you guys, but my parents are so lame. I’m scheduled to take a home drug test tomorrow, so I can’t.” See? Excellent way out that puts the blame on us and not on our kids not being “cool”.

In addition to giving parents answers and kids an excuse, First Check also supports notMYkid, whose mission is to empower and educate youth, families, and communities to help identify and prevent negative youth behavior before it starts.

First Check – First in Line to Prevent Drug Use

I love First Check. I think it’s the best way out there to help prevent drug use or get answers if you think your child is going down the wrong path. While my daughter isn’t at the age yet for this to be a problem. I think I’m going to start a monthly testing schedule for her AND for me. This way, I can show her that it’s not a punishment, because mommy does it, too. First Check already has me feeling better about her teen years, and I think it can do the same for you.

Visit the First Check website to learn more about this home drug testing company or find it at your local pharmacy.

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