BeKoool – Easing Discomfort for the Little Ones

BeKoool is a fever soothing pad designed to give little ones relief from the discomfort of a fever. If you have kids, you know what it’s like for them when they get a fever. It’s the saddest thing. They’re all hot and cold and miserable, and they don’t understand why they can’t feel better. They try so hard to take advantage of the time off from school and just being on the couch, but they can’t do anything that they like. They feel so bad, and it makes your heart hurt to see them like that.12122902_851601174955590_8213288283062128894_n

There’s not much we can do about it other than give them fever reducing medications and a cold rag on their foreheads. But wait! Yes, there is. BeKool is a soft gel pad designed to help ease the discomfort of the hot face that comes with a fever. With BeKoool, you can use something far more effective than a cold, wet rag to help kids feel at least a little better while they battle the fever that’s making them feel so awful.

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BeKoool Keeps the Kiddos Cool

Unlike a rag soaked in cold water or stuck in the freezer, which has to be replaced every hour or more, BeKoool sheets help ease the discomfort of a fever for up to 8 hours. Which means you can apply the soft gel sheets to your child’s head and know that they’ll have long-lasting discomfort relief without worrying that you’ll forget to change it out in time. They’re non-messy, as well. So the kids can move around (as much as they’re able) without fear of getting any sort of goo on the furniture or blankets. It’s a life saver when the kids are SO uncomfortable from their fever.

What’s more, BeKoool sheets are non-medicated, so the only thing the kids get is soothing relief of the uncomfortable heat of a fever. There are NO topical medications to seep into their skin, so you know that there are no medication interaction worries of any sort. I think that’s great because I avoid EVER giving kids more meds than I have to.bekooolbox2-202x300

BeKoool Soothes with no Muss and No Fuss

BeKoool is the best thing to happen for children’s fevers in a long time .With the ability to soothe the heat and discomfort of a fever for up to 8 hours and no mess, BeKoool keeps the kids more comfy without a mess, muss, or fuss. If you have kids, check out BeKoool. It can make sickness so much more comfortable for the kiddos.

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