Magic Light Wand – Start a Magical New Christmas Tradition!

Magic Light Wand is a wonderful new holiday tradition that you can start with the family this year. Add a little whimsy to the holidays with this remote control “wand” that magically lights up your Christmas tree. After you set up Magic Light Wand and its receivers, you can simply “wave the wand” and your Christmas lights up. It’s the perfect way to make Christmas even more special for the kids.

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Magic Light Wand – A New Kind of Christmas MagicMagic Christmas wand

Magic Light Wand is the brain child of Gay Hammond and her son, Josh. Using a toy wand and a standard light remote, Gay started a holiday tradition of “magically” lighting up her Christmas tree for the grandchildren. They were so delighted by this extra dose of Christmas magic, that her son decided to make the magic wand a reality. After several years perfecting the concept, Magic Light Wand Company was started, selling their magic wands with huge success. Today, this little dose of Christmas magic has become a nationwide Christmas miracle. And what’s even better is that they bring the Christmas spirit to children who need it most, donating over 1,000 wands to the children at St Jude and Le Bonheur Children’s Hospitals at Christmas time!

Easy to Use, Hard to Beat

Photo Credit: Micki Martin

Photo Credit: Micki Martin

I recently got a Magic Light Wand, and I can’t wait to see the looks on my kids faces when they see it. I already tested it out while they were at school, and it is so cool! The set includes one Magic Light Wand, and one A/C outlet wall receiver. Setup could not be easier. You simply plug the receiver into your outlet, plug the lights into the receiver, and that’s it. You’re good to go. It works like magic (I had to) and it can be used both indoor and outdoors. Fun! I took out a string of lights to test it, and the setup really is that simple. The fun is that simple, too. My kids are going to love it!

Christmas Magic with Magic Light Wand

Photo credit: Micki Martin

Photo credit: Micki Martin

Magic Light Wand is absolutely the best way to bring a little more Christmas spirit to the season. I eagerly await out post-Thanksgiving tree-trimming so the kids can enjoy this magical new addition to our Christmas tradition. If you have kids, I encourage you to get a Magic Light Wand. It will most definitely add an extra sense of wonder to Christmas for your kids. Head over to the Magic Light Wand webpage to learn more about this wonderful new tradition that you can start this year.

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