Football Season is More Exciting with FanDuel!

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Football season is here, so my husband can finally breathe easy. LOL! I seriously thought he was going to go into withdrawals before the season finally came. He’s a huge football fan, and the NFL is his thing. Big time. Every Sunday and Monday, he’s watching games. While he’s always waiting – quite impatiently – football season, this season is different. The season he was even more excited because he’s been itching to try out FanDuel.screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-9-42-01-am

Football Season and FanDuel – A Match Made in Grid Iron Heaven

FanDuel is the industry leading Daily Fantasy Sports company. You’ve probably seen their TV ads, but if you haven’t, here’s the scoop. FanDuel makes football season more fun, because it allows all those football fiends out there to take fantasy football to the next level. Over 57 million people play fantasy sports in the United States and Canada, but only 4% of them have tried Daily Fantasy Sports. But what is DFS?

Daily Fantasy Sports is the ultimate in fantasy sports. For those of you who don’t know, fantasy sports is where die hard sports fans build their “dream” or “super” teams in fantasy drafts. The put together a dream team of football, baseball, and the like based on player stats, and then as the season progresses, they collect points based on how well the players in their dream team do. I knew nothing about it until my husband gave it a try. It’s actually SUPER fun. I can see why people are so into it. It’s exciting to watch your team’s progress. Daily Fantasy Sports is the same thing but on a much more interactive level.screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-9-41-54-am

My husband is absolutely beside himself with excitement for FanDuel. Not only can he make his dream team and watch it all unfold, he can win money. Throughout football season, FanDuel offers all kinds of tournaments ranging from $1 entries to $2 million dollar prize pools! All you have to do is deposit a minimum of $10, and you’re good to go. After that, you can set up your own private league and start playing. Leagues range from 3 to 20 players. FanDuel recommends starting with 3 to 5 people at first. My husband has already started his league, and he and his buddies are like little kids. I swear I heard one of them giggle when they were drafting. It’s super cute.

Follow this link to learn more about how FanDuel works.

An Interactive Football Season with FanDuel

So far, my husband and his buddies are loving FanDuel. I frequently hear excited conversations on the phone between my husband and his various buddies about who they’re drafting, how well they expect them to perform, and dreams of winning the big prize. It is totally adorable, because my husband NEVER talks this much. LOL I love FanDuel because it makes football season even more exciting and interactive for my husband. It’s so much fun to see him acting like a little boy.

If you have a sports lover in your life, show them FanDuel. It’s a great way to make football season even more exciting, and it’s just plain fun!

Want to try it? Use code MOMMYHOOD to start playing!


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