Once Upon a Crayon – Coloring Books that Educate as Well as Entertain!

Coloring books are a big part of my kids’ lives, especially my oldest daughter. She loves to color. She’d do it all day if she were able to. In fact, she practically has a miniature library of coloring books, and she puts them to good ¬†use! I’ve found some a new addition to add to her library – Once Upon a Crayon.

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Not Your Ordinary Coloring Books

Most coloring books these days are fragile, poorly made, and generally low quality. Even my daughter, who knows the value of keeping her things in good working order, has books that are falling apart. The normal wear and tear of just being in the hands of a child is too much for almost every book that my daughter colors in.

That’s where Once Upon a Crayon is different. Joe Kiernan and five of his friends and classmates at Harvard Business School founded Once Upon a Crayon to give kids better options for coloring than cheap, poorly made books that weren’t even worth the paper that they were printed on. Once Upon a Crayon coloring books are super high quality with hard covers, 100% acid free stock paper, and coloring images that are paired with a story or excerpt focuses on a special characteristic of the person in the image.

Their first coloring book offering is the World Princess Collection. This coloring book features inspirational princess from classic fairy tales. and historical women. All the women inside this coloring book are inspirational in some way, and the story that accompanies each one focuses on that special part of each princess or historical heroine that the folks at Once Upon a Crayon love so much.IMG_6297_2_grande

Once Upon a Time with Once Upon a Crayon

My daughter – and my son – are huge coloring fiends, and I cannot wait to get my hands on Once Upon a Crayon. These coloring books are so well made and handsome, they can go on a shelf instead of being put inside a drawer. I know they’re the only hard cover coloring books I’ve ever seen, and the pages are amazingly thick and crisp. That high quality construction and the important messaging that goes along with the illustrations have me just as excited for my kids to get the World Princess Collection.

If your children love to color, I encourage you to give Once Upon a Time a look. These aren’t your run of the mill coloring books. They are high quality coloring pages collected in wonderful, hard bound cover, and I think they’re gorgeous.

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