The Puddle Jumpers/Coleman Outdoor Press Trip in South Beach, Florida!

*I sent my blog contributor, Jen, on an all expense blog trip to Florida.  All her opinions are her own and not swayed by outside sources. *

Photo credit: Luke Sydow, Coleman

Photo credit: Luke Sydow, Coleman

Last weekend my 7 year old and I were invited to Miami, Florida for a few days of fun with Coleman Outdoor. When you think of Coleman, you most likely think of camping; however their line extends into a few different divisions – including boating gear and accessories.

While in Miami we had the opportunity to swim and play in the ocean with Puddle Jumper and Stearns life vests. We started our morning with breakfast on the beach and a demonstration of Coleman’s latest products.

Photo credit: Luke Sydow, Coleman

Photo credit: Luke Sydow, Coleman

The Puddle Jumper kid’s life jackets are beautifully designed with fun, colorful prints all kids will love. But they didn’t just go for design – they went for comfort too. The Puddle Jumper vests are made with the softest Hydroprene fabric and Crosstech foam to ensure a quality fit and comfort level.

Yachting with life vest

The child life vests include a leg strap for extra support, while the infant Puddle Jumper’s provide oversized head support in addition to the leg strap. Safety is of the utmost importance when on the water, and I appreciate that the Puddle Jumper vests are U.S. Coast Guard approved.

As we boarded a yacht to enjoy the day on Biscayne Bay, I knew we were in good hands with Puddle Jumpers. J donned one of their youth vests for kids 50-90 lbs, while I wore a women’s Stearns vest. We spent the afternoon boating, sightseeing, jet skiing, and even wake boarding!

My lil guy did an amazing job getting up on the wake board the very first time he tried! See him in action below. :)

We go boating every year with our family in Chicago and I have to say these life vests are the most comfortable I’ve worn to-date, and they look awesome too! This was also the first life vest that J has never complained about wearing, so that’s a big plus in my book.

Jet skiing

After a thrilling day at sea, we headed back to our hotel to change and meet the group for a pool party. The Coleman Team had a fun and inviting display of several items from line and Puddle Jumper too. The kids splashed away in the pool while the parents chatted and enjoyed the evening. They even made sure there was a life guard on duty to watch over the kids. Rain or shine we were determined to have fun!

The next morning my little guy and I met everyone for a goodbye breakfast. It was such an amazing trip and experience! We learned so much about the extended line at Coleman, and we look forward to our summer boating trip with family in our new Puddle Jumper and Stearns gear!


To find out more about Puddle Jumper products, head here.

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