Getting everything I need without leaving my house with the StorkIt App! AMAZING!

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As a mom of three small kids, time is of the essence. How many times have you gone to the store, came home, and realized you forgot something? How many times were you on the last drop of milk, needed to go out to pick up more, but alas, your kid gets sick? This happens to the very best of us and is downright annoying! Now though, StorkIt App has helped moms and dads like you and me get those necessities in an easy and seamless way.

StorkIt App is an app that enables moms, friends and neighbors to shop and deliver things to one another.  You will be able to get the milk when your child is sick simply by using the app or get that Starbucks coffee that you so want, again without ever leaving your house. It is really ingenious!


1. First simply download the app on IOS or google play. Downloading the app is completely free! StorkItApp

2. Type in friends on your contact list who would be a good fit for the app so you can each get one another whatever you might need at your local stores.

3. Type into the app what you need and then it allows you to request payment via cash (if you know the person well) or paypal.StorkItApp


4. The the offer is sent so your friend or contact person can see if you are nearby the store you want to get it for you.StorkItAppStorkItApp

unnamed-4In this way, you can think of your friends who might need a thing or two and also find out if they need anything. It is a win-win for both parties involved! It is also very easy to send an offer for something you need to get to you quickly, without ever leaving your house. Your friends can send you up to three items they you like from the store. In my case, it would be Starbucks coffee, milk from Daves, and a Panera salad. If my friends are in that vicinity, they can simply pick it up and I can pay them directly or through the web. Easy peasy!

Here is another example of how it works:

Imagine you are headed to Target to grab a few things, you launch StorkIt and notify 3 other neighborhood moms that you are headed there in 45 minutes and are offering to grab a few items for them. One of the three responds back and requests that you grab diapers and milk, she’s dealing with a sick infant and can’t get out of the house today. You accept her request and proceed to shop, purchase and deliver the items to her. After checking out you enter the total price and request payment reimbursement. She can either pay you securely online using or she can pay you offline (i.e. cash). Your friend is so very grateful you thought of her and you feel tremendous in being able to lend a hand in such a very simple way. The larger one’s personal StorkIt network the greater the opportunity to save time, money and convenience all while helping others within your community!

StorkIt makes it so easy to get the necessities you need without visiting the store over and over again. If we all use StorkIt, we can rely on one another to grab what we need and form a big network. Eventually StorkIt is also going to roll out a concept similar to Uber where you can pay a random person to get what you need. I see a lot of wine deliveries in my future!!

Be sure to download StorkIt today and get on your way to making your life much easier!



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