Saturday’s Top Five Laughs- Come Join Our Blog Hop!

Happy weekend everyone! I all hope you have a great weekend with whatever you do. If you get snow, good luck and have fun! LOL!

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5. Zane told me that he had a good day at school this week and that REQUIRES donuts, like five donuts. Okay Zane! Okay!

4. Hayley is still very sassy. This weekend we went to the mall and she said I have to stop at Claire’s. She then proceeded to tell me if she didn’t stop at Claire’s, her whole week will be ruined.

3. Zane does not really love skiing but loves eating the snow. He has to get used to do it though because we are skiing family!

2. Taylor really started to say more words. However, if you ask her what a dog says, cat says, sheep says, etc. it is all the same thing-MOOO!!

1. FB repeat: 7 year olds can get you in trouble! Went to go do some shopping tonight with Hayls. When I went home, Greg wanted to make sure I used my gift card money and not our credit card. I said of course I did till Hayley said, “No mommy..You used the credit card that says American Airlines on it. Daddy she is lying”! Busted by a 7 year old!!!


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