Oh Boy..Judy The Elf On The Shelf Is Back!!! Ideas to Hide Your Elf on The Shelf! #ScoutElfReturnWeek

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I will fully admit until a few years ago I had no idea what or who The Elf on The Shelf was. I am Jewish and growing up there was no such thing as Santa or Christmas. That all changed when I ended up meeting my future husband 11 years back and got introduced to Christmas. Now I am totally addicted to Christmas and try to invent fun rituals every single holiday season. It is quite fun to be able to celebrate Christmas and Chanukah with my children.DSC_0617

Of course, one of our favorites is getting out our Elf On The Shelf every Thanksgiving. Once our turkey dinner is done, Judy our Elf comes out. I will fully admit I needed to read up on “The Elf” rules but now I think I got it! My husband is usually the one who makes Judy fly each night unless he is away on a vacation. In the 4 years since we started The Elf On The Shelf we only had one mishap where Elfie did not fly! Don’t worry- I yelled a lot at Judy that night.

So now Elfie flies around each part of our house till she lands at her favorite stop. We usually start Judy high on the kitchen cabinets and proceed to fly her around different parts of the house. She has even been known to take a dip in the toilet. That Judy can be very demanding at times.

Here are some ideas where to fly your Elf this holiday season:DSC_0618

1. On a kitchen cabinet

2. In a milk jug

3. In the microwave

4. In your cereal box

5. On the stove next to the pots and pans (make sure stove is off)

6. On a curio

7.On your fireplace mantel

8. In your medicine cabinet

9. In the shower (after it is was used)

10. On top of the TV

11. In your towel cabinet sporting cool shades

12. On top of your bedroom closet

13. On top of a piano (if you have one)

14. On the window still

15. On your coat closet handle

For all your Elf on The Shelf needs, you must check out Kohl’s! Need some awesome Kohl’s Elf ideas? I will be back very soon with some along with a $100 gift card giveaway. Stay tuned… Lots of fun to come!

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