Health Care for Those Who Need it Most with RFHA!

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This is the story of a truly remarkable mom.  

When Marion Bunch lost her son to AIDS in 1994, it was a catalyst for her to make a positive difference in the world.  She turned heartbreak into hope by founding RFHA (Rotarians for Family Health & AIDS Prevention, Inc.) and through amazing partnerships and contributions, she’s been able to deliver free healthcare services to over 800,000 underserved citizens.  And, by 2020, she intends to reach five million!

Health care is so important to all of us. Whether it be a routine checkup, a prescription for a bug, or testing and vaccinations, proper health care is the only thing that stands between us and wellness. Unfortunately, millions of people around the world don’t have access to proper health care or any at all, for that matter. It’s a problem that Marion Bunch is trying to remedy.

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Providing Health Care to Those Who Need it Most

Try to imagine for a moment that a family member is sick. Now, imagine that instead of calling to make a doctor’s appointment, you have to just sit, watch, and hope. You have to hope that it clears up on its own. You have to hope that it’s just a cold. You have to hope that it’s not something horrendous because none of you had access to vaccinations. As a mom of three married to a husband I adore, that’s a terrifying thought.


Unfortunately, that’s the situation for 400 million people across the globe. They have no health care. They have to wait and hope. It’s all they can do. That’s what Marion Bunch and RFHA are trying to change. Here’s just some of the good work that RFHA has been doing to help provide health care to those in need.

  • Provided free health care to over 800,000 people
  • Used $20 donations from people like you and me to cover a full round of testing including HIV, tuberculosis, diabetes, cancer, and more, as well as immunizations for those in need
  • Currently trying to reach their goal of serving 5 million people by 2020

You Can Help Provide Health Care for Those Who Desperately Need It

Right now, RFHA is in the process of their first ever fundraising outreach to the general public. They have a current goal of $15,000, and all donations go towards their mission of saving and improving the lives of children and families who have no access to preventative health care.

RFHA needs your help, and they need it desperately. They are well below their goal, and there are only five days left. They need you. 400 million people around the world need you. Please, donate to help RFHA provide health care to people who desperately need it. Any amount helps, but $20 can help provide much needed care to one person. Every little bit helps, so head over to the RFHA fund raising page and give what you can. I know I am.

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