Get Organized this Holiday Season with Velcro® Brand

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I don’t know about you, buy my holiday storage area looks like a bomb went off. It’s tough to get organized! Between ornaments, wrapping paper, and all of the other holiday nick knacks we have, it’s a challenge to get organized, to say the least. That’s why I’m loving Velcro® Brand products to help me get organized this holiday season.velcro

Get Organized. Or Else!

That’s what I tell myself every year. The holidays are a time when friends and family just pop by to say hello. It’s all very laid back, and it’s always unannounced. I do my best to keep the house in order. My husband and kids even help. But with SO much going into the holidays, it’s a huge undertaking. My house is frequently bedecked in wrapping paper, ribbons, bows, tinsel, menorahs, dreidels, and various other holiday stuff. It’s difficult to keep track of, and it’s difficult to clean up fast when company arrives.unnamed-4

Getting Organized with Velcro® Brand

This year, I’m trying something different. Rather than cramming all my holidays doodads and what nots into random bags and hoping against hope I stay organized, I’m using Velcro® Brand products to help me get organized and stay organized. My favorite items for this truly enormous job are PRESS-LOK® Bags and Velcro® Brand Holiday Decorating & Organizing Kit. Both of these products are helping me get my enormous holiday mess in order, which will help me get organized and stay that way.


PRESS-LOK® Bags are a much better way to get my holiday organizing in order than traditional re-sealable zipper bags. These bags come in medium and large sizes to help keep holiday decor and wrapping supplies neatly stored, and the TSA-approved size is perfect for carry on necessities for holiday travel. And all the bags feature the trusted closure from the Velcro® Brand.

Holiday Decorating & Organizing Kit

With Velcro® Brand Holiday Decorating & Organizing Kit, I can even get organized with my decorating. The kit includes indoor/outdoor multi-clips that are perfect for hanging lights and other holiday accessories, as well as festive holiday decor wrap and adorable wrap bow ties for adding a little flair to my decorating projects.

Velcro® Brand is Helping Me Get Organizedunnamed-5

And I love it! Thanks to their PRESS-LOK® Bags and Holiday Decorating & Organizing Kit, I’m able to get organized and stay organized for everything from impromptu visits from family and friends to decorating or even travel. With Velcro® Brand products, I can get organized and stay organized, and the entire family can cease the never ending fight against holiday clutter. Yay!

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