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Seasonal allergies are the worst. The runny nose. The itchy, watery eyes. The constant sneezing. Seasonal allergies bring all of that wonderful goodness, and so much more. Let’s not forget the headaches from sinus pressure. With all of this glorious, nature-induced misery, it’s nice to know that MinuteClinic is there to help us fight our pollen powered foe.minuteclinic

My son has terrible allergies, both food and seasonal, so I’m especially please that MinuteClinic can help make him more comfortable when his seasonal allergies come to call.

All About Seasonal Allergies

Let’s take a look at seasonal allergies. Some people don’t even know they have them. They often mistake them for a cold that either refuses to give in or a series of colds in quick succession. About 35 million Americans suffer from allergies, but they don’t even know it. That’s because they confuse the symptoms of allergies with a cold. Here’s the real scoop.

What is an Allergy

An allergy is actually the body’s hypersensitivity to substances in the environment. Mold, dust, pollen, pet dander, and other environmental factors can cause allergies, and the body’s response to them.

What Causes Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal allergies are cause by substances that occur seasonally. This substances are small airborne proteins that generally fill the air in the spring and fall.

Time Tells the Tale

A cold typically clears up withing 7 to 10 days. Allergies can last weeks or even months.

What’s the Difference Between Colds and Allergies

Colds are caused by a viral infection, while allergies are caused by your body’s immune system going into overdrive to attempt to fight off an allergen. This list can help you determine if you get colds frequently or if you have seasonal allergies.

  • If you start sniffling and coughing around the same time every year, and those symptoms come on quickly, you probably have seasonal allergies.
  • If you have a cough, it’s probably a cold. Allergy symptoms most often manifest in the nose, sinuses, and eyes.
  • Body aches are a sure sign of a cold.
  • Itchy eyes come part and parcel with seasonal allergies but rarely occur with the common cold.
  • If you have a fever, you have a cold. Seasonal allergies may make you feel sick, but you’re not actually sick.

Spring and Fall Seasonal Allergies

Whatever the time of year, the symptoms of seasonal allergies are the same. You’ll have symptoms like itchy eyes, sneezing, a runny nose, headache, and sinus pressure. All symptoms are the same, but not the severity. There are more allergy triggers in the fall. During the fall months, weed pollen and mold are at seasonal highs. During the spring, you’ll encounter tree pollen. Dust mites can be present in your house all year long, but they get stirred up into the air during the fall when you begin pulling out blankets and quilts.

Treating Seasonal Allergies

The symptoms of seasonal allergies can generally be controlled with nasal saline, decongestants, and either over the counter or prescription antihistamines. You can find all of these at MinuteClinic. They carry all major brands of over the counter treatments for seasonal allergies, and they can fill your prescriptions as well. While that’s great, let’s go over some tips that can help reduce your need for those medications.

  • Keep your windows and doors closed from 10 AM to 4 PM during the fall. Those hours are prime allergen times.
  • Clean and change air filters every three months to reduce dirt, debris, and allergens in your home.
  • Avoid window fans. They just drawn allergens into your home.
  • Wash bedding every two weeks to kill dust mites and mitigate seasonal allergies.

You Can be Comfortable with MinuteClinic

MinuteClinic has everything you need to combat your seasonal allergies. From their over the counter options to filling prescriptions, MinuteClinic can help you mitigate your seasonal allergies and be more comfortable.


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    I am so glad that my area has MinuteClinics just in case of an emergency. I also like seeing them when I’m traveling by care. They are an asset to some families for sure.

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