Valpak and KaBOOM! – Get Great Savings and Get Kids Playing

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Valpak is partnering with KaBOOM!, a national non-profit devoted to bringing active play to kids’ daily lives. Valpak is proud to announce its new initiative in partnership with KaBOOM!, Valpak Saves. This program is designed to raise awareness for the importance of play and to encourage us to help support the great work that KaBOOM! is doing today.10530810_10152538283769356_7105857293194676545_n

Valpak Saves Program – Giving More than Great Savings

Valpak is proud to be America’s most recognized savings publication, but they want to do more to improve our lives. That’s why they are one of the many companies partnering with KaBOOM! to get kids out and get them active.

Obesity is an epidemic levels in this country, and that needs to change. I do my part every  day to help keep that from becoming my children’s reality. I’m an avid runner, and I show them the value of exercise. I also feed them great food. The junk food is a special treat, not a meal. I know that the more active my kids are and the more they love healthy foods, the healthier they’ll be in the long run.

Valpak knows that, too, and they want to help kids see how great playing outdoors can be. That’s why they’ve become another of the big names partnered with KaBOOM! to help get kids active. Valpak Saves wants to help provide the funds needed for KaBOOM! to continue its work.

Just take a look at these interesting facts about play time and how it affects the lives of children.

  • Children living within a 1/2 mile of a park or playground are five times more likely to be at a healthy weight
  • Access to play activity via playgrounds and parks provides long term health benefits like the prevention of chronic disease
  • Children who play have a lower BMI than those who spend all their time watching television
  • Play helps children build social skills and confidence
  • Children without adequate play opportunities can have increased issues with social integration and a greater chances of felony arrests as young adults
  • Community centered playgrounds are great places for kids to play and great places for parents to connect10568889_10152545970549356_2562913099423725002_n

These is powerful stuff, and Valpak sees an opportunity to give back more than savings. By partnering with KaBOOM!, Valpak wants to help children get access to the play that they need to do well in school, in relationships, and in life in general. The Valpak Saves program is up and running now. Their savings booklet is now being shipped in a blue envelope to raise awareness for KaBOOM! and what it’s all about. In addition, Valpak is including a coupon in their pack which encourages all of us to donate as little as $5.00 to help support KaBOOM! and its great work. I think it’s a wonderful initiative, and one that can drastically change communities in need.



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  1. says

    As a kid we were always outside playing, we barely were inside! I am pregnant now and hope once baby is here and old enough we will get outside and enjoy nature and stay active!

  2. says

    Very interesting stats! I live dead smack in the middle of two parks! Hopefully this means my kids are going to be very active!!

  3. Rebecca Parsons says

    Some really interesting facts and statistics. I love that this program is more than just saving money!

  4. Jennifer Heintz says

    I pay attention to the Valpak, and others do too. It’s involvement with the Kaboom program should help in bringing needed donations to a great cause. Although we all need to be more active, it is especially important to instill this is children.

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