Oh you know..I laugh..I pee!! #AlwaysDiscreetatTarget to the Rescue!

On July 7th, I had beautiful baby Taylor. She is the joy to my life, the bread to my butter, and one of the best things that ever happened to me. I have wanted a third for such a long time so I feel very blessed that she was born healthy and so happy. However, along with being pregnant and long after, there are some issues that came up time and time again. One being, if I laughed, I end up peeing myself a bit. Sure sounds funny, but I am sure most of the moms out here, can totally relate to this!10703798_10152725318314356_3006350800634127628_n
Do not fear is you have this issue, because unfortunately it is a normal side effect from the pregnancy and long after. I can’t even tell you how many times, I have laughed so much, that I had to run upstairs to change my underwear. Just the other night, it happened again. My husband and I were talking about something that happened funny in our day, and I was in stitches. I had to tell him to stop talking funny because of the women issues such as peeing a bit, that happens to me when I laugh. I am not embarrassed at all to talk about it this, because after talking to my friends, it seems to be a very popular, although annoying, issue that most moms face.IMG_8145

Now there is help! Seriously, with the new Always Discreet Products (bladder protection line), you can do all the laughing you want, and never fear having to change your underwear. Best of all, it works!  The P&G: Always Discreet Liners are what I put on when the laugh attack strikes and I can then go along my day reassured that if an accident occurs, I will not be in trouble. **The Always Discreet Liners absorbs 2X more than you may need-based on average US consumer usage.** This liners are super thin and you will never feel like you are wearing anything. Long gone are the days of bulky pads and having to make sure your clothes don’t show anything. With these, you put them on, and you, or anyone else, will never know you are wearing them. Ingenious if you ask me! Oh, and they individual pads are so girly, that no one will ever know at Target, what you are buying.IMG_8135

In this same protection line, they have the Always Discreet Pads and Always Discreet Underwear. So no matter what product you pick up, you don’t have to ever worry about being embarrassed about accidental leaks. Always has you covered for those times when it matters the most.  It has never been easier to pick up Always Discreet products at my local Target, and put it in my pocketbook, in case the need arises.IMG_8159

I highly encourage you to pick up the Always Discreet products at Target today!

There is also some great  In-Store Savings going on right now:
Text DISCREET to TARGET (827438) for instant coupons on Always Discreet. (Expires 12/31/14)
Also, now through October 25, when you buy $20 of Always Discreet products, you get a FREE carrying case ($6 value). Look for the Always Discreet display at your local Target!

If Online Savings are your thing, they have some too!
Enter promo code DISCREET at checkout to save $1. Visit Always Discreet for additional details and to request a FREE sample while supplies last!. (Expirse 12/31/14)

Subscribe and Save! Discreet delivery to your door at a great value – 5% off + free shipping + an extra 5% when you use your red card.DSC_0719

Try out Always Discreet today and let’s control those leaks!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. says

    Your little girl is a cutie! I totally hear you, child birth changes SO many things! I laughed so hard the other day I peed my pants…the life of a mother!

  2. Ann Bacciaglia says

    I will have to try Always Discreet. For me its when i have a bad cold and get a deep cough that i find i need a little protection from light bladder leakage.

  3. Jennifer Williams says

    The little things they do not tell you about having kids! I could imagine the look the doctor would get though if they explained – you are pregnant, you quite possibly will never laugh or sneeze without peeing a little again, lol. Thank goodness for good products to protect us.

  4. Birdiebee says

    I have never seen these before. I asked the doctor about why women have leakage and he told me that due to having children, women tend to leak. Ugh!

  5. Ronni says

    We’re not laughing at you, we’re laughing with you… all the way to Target for some help, but still. We can laugh again! ;)

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