Random acts of Kindness with the Ripil App!

*This is a sponsored app review. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.*

Both our lives, and those of our kids have been enriched by all of the apps we have collected on all our devices. There are apps to make almost anything we do more efficient, apps to keep us always entertained in a variety of ways, apps to keep up connected with others, and to get us where we want to go. Now there is a new app for the whole family that touches an important part of our lives that is not always associated with our mobile devices. Ripil is a free app that nurtures good deeds and kindness, and lets you watch the karma that results build up by tracking the good that you do. This is a great way to start to teach kids about the importance of practicing kindness and doing good deeds. It also provides them the instant gratification of seeing the Ripil effect in action.unnamed
The interactive Ripil map allows you to follow the next step in your good deeds journey. It could be passed on to a friend, or a stranger, a popular celebrity, or the President of the United States. You don’t know what the domino effect of your deed will ultimately be, but who knows, your “ripil” could inspire world change.
With the Ripil app you earn badges and increase your kindness score by logging everyday deeds, recruiting new people to Ripil, and by having your deeds passed on by others. What’s cool is that you can actually see who on Ripil is the kindest person in their city, and it keeps track of who the top 10 kindest people in the top 10 kindest cities are around the world! Now that is the type of competition that I can get behind. Users can also create “head to head” kindness challenges within their own community on Ripil whether at school or at work it is a great way to motivate people to do good.
What I do know is that kindness is contagious, and good deeds are often passed on and paid forward. An app like this is a great one to add to all of the others keeping our lives organized and entertained, and connected. It is really important to me to make sure my kids grow up to think of others in their daily lives. Studies even show that when kids are in the habit of practicing kindness at a young age that it carries through into adulthood. As a family we are practicing random acts of kindness together, and it is incredibly fun and rewarding to watch them be passed on. I feel like it is really teaching my kids cause and effect, and showing the power we have to make others feel good sometimes just with a simple act of unexpected kindness. In fact I think I’ll start my own Ripil “head to head” competition between my own kids to see who can be kindest to their siblings!

Be sure to download the Ripil app today!

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  1. Danielle K says

    I actually just downloaded this app and really like it. It’s a great way to show your kids how far a simple act of kindness can go. I can’t wait to start building up my kindness score.

  2. robin wilson says

    I like the concept. I try to make random acts of kindness a part of every day. Thanks for the heads up about this app!

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