Getting Fall Kids Clothes from P.S. Aeropostale!

*I am a P.S. Aeropostale blog ambassador. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.*

P.S. AeropostaleThis past week, Hayley and I went to our local mall to complete our school shopping. She absolutely loves P.S. Aeropostale for their fresh, funky, and fun clothing! Right now at your local P.S. Aeropostale and online, you can find great kids school clothes for everyone in your family. They have girls clothes including tops, bottoms, dresses, vests, jackets, and accessories and boy clothing including tops, bottoms, jackets, and more! They also have outerwear and a special NFL Zone section.

Whenever we go into P.S. Aeropostale, we find kids clothes that are unlike anywhere we see before. The best part is, their selections are very affordable. They usually have great sales that go on, including their friends and family 30 percent off sale that is going on right now. While the price is right, the quality of clothes is second to none and will make your child look totally awesome for this upcoming school season.

For Hayley, she picked out a classic jean jacket that was 30 percent off. You can never go wrong with purchasing a demin jacket and P.S. Aeropostale has a large selections of jackets including puffer jackets and adorable vests. P.S.Aeropostale is true to size, which helps when purchasing clothes online or in stores without your kids.P.S. Aeropostale

I also always love their print dresses and this adorable, leopard print dress was the first thing Hayley placed in our shopping cart. She is planning to wear it the first day of school and I am all for that. Can you say absolutely gorgeous including the vivid prints and stunning colors!

P.S. Aeropostale
We then went on to look at some tops. Can you just die over the cuteness of this shirt-Stop Copying Me?! Hayley can read now so she and I both thought it was amazing and put it in our shopping cart.

We then rounded out our shopping trip with these beautiful outfits! Be sure to check out P.S. Aeropostale for all your Back to School Shopping needs today!DSC_0655

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  1. says

    I had no idea Aeropostale offered kids clothes. Its very cute, but I tend to go very cheap on kids clothing since they grow out of them really fast and Aeropostale is not cheap. I definitely like the denim jacket though, something like that is good to spend a little more on.

  2. Rebecca Swenor says

    She is adorable and so are her outfits. I will have to share this with my sister. Thanks for sharing.

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