Thailand Vacation- Part 3!

I am finishing up my Thailand series. I hope if you ever travel to Thailand, you find my Thailand series informative and fun. Thailand is a superb country with so much history and culture. It is a must- see country in my opinion.

I left off with Part 2, as we were leaving Chiang Mai and going to Koh-Samui. I was looking forward to this part of our vacation as until now, it was so busy with excursions and such. In Koh-Samui, we were able to sit and relax at the most gorgeous beach settings around. Beautiful can not even describe what I saw in Koh-Samui. It was the most peaceful and tranquil part of our vacation.

After taking Thai Air from Chiang Mai, to Koh-Samui, we arrived at the Renaissance Koh Samui. Since it was my husband’s 40th birthday celebration, we decided to get a villa room, which had our own pool. Being in Thailand, the cost for hotels is much cheaper than the states, so were able to do this. I have never in my life stayed at such a gorgeous room.

We then spent the last 5 days of our vacation enjoying the fantastic food, beaches, pools, and nightlife. We stopped at Bar Ice Koh-Samui which is not a place to be missed. We also hiked and enjoyed the breath taking views of Thailand. We had a truly wonderful vacation that I will never forget!











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