Graco Buckle Up For Your Safety!

*I work with Graco on product reviews, as well as sharing information I find useful to my readers. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.*


In honor of National Child Passenger Safety Month, Graco launched a “Buckle Up for Safety” pledge on Facebook where you and your friends, families and followers can pledge your commitment to child passenger safety!  For every pledge, Graco will donate $1 to Safe Kids Worldwide until they reach our goal of 10,000 pledges! Will you take this pledge?!

image001 Graco Buckle Up For Your Safety!

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    My in laws raised their kids in a very different age. And they give me flack about how Obsessively strict I am about my kids having car seats. In-fact my boys just barely graduated from a booster chair..even though in Idaho state law only requires until age 6, and my boys are 8 & 9. I waited for them to outgrow them. I would just rather err on the side of caution than pay with regret and misery the rest of my life. We’ve been in a car accident and the car seats saves my kid’s lives. I’ll continue to be obsessive about it.

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