Do you watch the Kentucky Derby?

O’kay here is my confession for the week- I totally get geeked out for the Kentucky Derby! I grew up with my dad going to the racetrack and seeing all the horses race when I was young. It was an amazing experience going with my dad to the race track. My dad’s uncle was a horse owner so we got to go up and personal with the horses. I vividly remember even being in the winner’s circle, with my picture being taken after one of the big races.Horses-265x155_0.jpg.pagespeed.ce.-toTKt4b86

In turn, I obviously got very involved with watching the Kentucky Derby each year. The excitement building up to the Derby was amazing. For a few years, we had special Kentucky Derby parties where my friends were invited over. While not everyone liked the actual horse race, it was the fashion that made the parties amazing. Imagine the big hats..the dresses…the full makeup to attend a very special horsing event. While we could not go to the actual event, we mimicked the event by having these full out parties. If you wanted to the ideal fashions, you can bet on the Kentucky Derby to do just that!

Each year, I had a different theme for the parties. I did not do a party last year, but in 2011, I did petite sandwiches with some lemonade drinks for all our guests. We did a special theme of who had the best and boldest hat. You should have seen some of these hats. They were out of this world! I wish I had the pictures to show all of you but it was fantastic and silly all in one!  That reminds me that I need to start sending out my invites for this years party!

Do you watch the Kentucky Derby?


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    My mom used to work for a number of the tracks and I loved the horse races. SHe went to the Derby but I never did get there but watched it on the tube…I can remember seeing each of the winners…they are beautiful. I prefer the horses and jockeys to the fashion.

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