CVS has a delicious line of Gold Emblem Snacks!

Ever have the urge in the middle of the day to do some snacking? I know I definitely do! Recently, CVS has expanded its Gold Emblem line and I must say the whole line is truly delicious. Gold Emblem is a line of delicious snacks and treats available exclusively at CVS/pharmacy!  CVS/pharmacy has just completed a total re-launch of this popular line to include a fresh new logo and updated packaging design. Many of the popular snacks and grocery items such as nuts, trail mix, pretzels, candy, crackers and cookies have been enhanced, even beyond more eye-catching packaging.

5042845065CVS/pharmacy incorporated elevated taste standards (that includes third-party taste testers!) and ingredient guidelines to exclude MSG and trans fats wherever possible. CVS/pharmacy has also placed key nutritional information on the front of the new packages to enable shoppers to make more informed decisions.


Gold Emblem snacks are a great option for spring and summer travel with the family, after-school snacks. Here are two additional perks:

  • You can avoid long lines at the grocery store by grabbing these items at your neighborhood CVS pharmacy.
  • Budget-consciousness is something many families take seriously, and as a result, store brands have become a very popular option for consumers looking to save money!


The following treats are just some of the Gold Emblem offerings:


  • Gold Emblem Sparkling Water
  • Gold Emblem Whole Fancy Cashews
  • Gold Emblem Whole Almonds Raw
  • Gold Emblem Rasberry Cream Shortbread Cookies
  • Gold Emblem Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Gold Emblem Natural Pistachios
  • Gold Emblem Classic Blend Trail Mix
  • Gold Emblem Cinnamon Honey Almonds
  • Gold Emblem Deluxe Mixed Nuts
  • Gold Emblem Dark Chocolate Covered Cashews
  • Gold Emblem Sour Neon Crawlers
  • Gold Emblem Gummy Worms
  • Gold Emblem Gummy Bears


I know I am a big fan of Gold Emblem Snacks and happy to see them expand their delicious line! Be sure to check out Gold Emblem Snacks at CVS today!





*I received products for review. As always, all my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.

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  1. Amber Edwards says

    Oh those are some great looking snacks! No idea CVS had such great treats for easy shopping! So cool.

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