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This weekend is hopefully going to be great. Sunday is Easter, along with being Zane’s second birthday! I am looking forward to all the festivities that the weekend may bring. I hope you all have a fantastic holiday weekend.




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My top five laughs:

5. I told you how I put Zane in time out and he said “Thank you.” We’ll, now when I put him in time out, he laughs and goes to his seat. There is nothing scary for him about time out. I think I need to change my tactics.

4. Hayley and I have been preparing for Zane birthday all week. She said to me, “Mommy, are you sure you are ready for his party- do you have his cake? his outfit?” The girl cracks me up!

3. Zane usually gets up around 730 in the morning. I don’t really get him until 8, because he babbles to himself for a half an hour. You should hear him in the morning. He will say things like sky, truck, grass, etc. I think he stares out his window and says what he sees outside. I just laugh getting ready in the morning.

2. I got Hayley ice cream this past weekend. I asked Zane if he wanted some and he said, “Yuck”! O’kay Zane, more for mommy then!

1. I had a really bad stomachache the past few days. Hayley says to me, “Don’t worry Mommy- I had that too and it goes away. Trust me!” I made me laugh hysterically and I actually began to feel better!

Now your laughs:




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  1. says

    Your kids are just too cute! Zane is already two? My gosh, it seems like yesterday that he had turned one. My how time flies when you having fun. Oh, no post for me for Saturday. I am taking an Easter vacation.

  2. says

    Kids are so funny. They say the cutest things, don’t they. My 5 year old comes up with crazy stuff all the time. I need to keep track of it more often on my phone! Thanks for hosting. I linked up for the first time this week :)

    Happy Easter!

  3. Amber Edwards says

    Oh they are such sillies! Love it. Jade does the same babbling in the morning. I like to just sit and listen to her for a bit before getting her up.

  4. says

    I didn’t realize our guys were so close in age. Nick’s birthday is coming up on the 21st. I can’t believe we’re looking at 2. Where has time gone! Nick’s happy in the morning in his crib too. Unless he really sleeps in I usually let him play for awhile while I work on the blog. He’s happy as can be in his crib, but once I get him he doesn’t want to let me go :-p.

  5. says

    I don’t have a funny post this week, but I love the funnies, so I’m dropping by. I don’t even know what to suggest about time out! Man, leave it to kids to make you work hard for it!! Sorry your not feeling well. Feel better soon!!

  6. maria says

    happy birthday to mr. zane!!! <3
    i hope his birthday and easter are a beautiful day for you all!
    and i hope you're feeling better! xoxox
    lots of love

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