Have you ever heard of the blow dry bar?

I was so excited last week when I went to NYC and saw something called the Blow Dry Bar. Have you heard of it? They have several locations in NYC and there is a similar type shop (although not owned by the same management) available oversees too called Hershesons.

If you have never been, I highly suggest you check it out. Basically, it is exactly what the name says- a place to get your hair blown out. There is no fancy coloring done, no highlights done, no cuts done- only thing that is done, is blow outs. I know for me, this type of place can become an addiction. For only $40 or under, you can get your hair blown out for either a special occasion or just to feel good!

For me, my hair is between curly and straight. It takes me forever to sit down and blow dry my hair, and then to straighten it. It could take me upwards of an hour. I just don’t seem to have time for that these days. By visiting the dry bar, I can have it done for me for a very reasonable price. It is worth it to me to pay the money, to not have to worry about doing my hair. I know once I leave, my hair will look and feel beautiful.

After I get it done, my hair is generally good for the week. If I have it done on a Saturday, chances are I will not wash it until the following Friday. There is really no reason to, as it does not get greasy, and feels so shiny. This is another perk of getting it done.

Have you ever tried places like these where they only offer blow outs? I know many more are popping up across the country, so keep watching, because it may show up in your hometown next.





*This is a sponsored post. As always, all my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.

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    Let me tell you a trick my daughter discovered.She was going all the time to regular salons to get her hair blown all the time until she discovered that if she lets her hair dry naturally and then just straightens it with an iron, it does the trick just as well

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