Big Boy Bed- To Do or Not To Do!

Zane has always been a relatively peaceful sleeper in his crib. However,  lately I have been seeing him try to monkey climb his way out if his crib. I am sure if you have kids, you could relate in one form or another. While I know it won’t be long until he transitions to a big boy bed, I know that I am just not ready yet. He is my baby after all!

My husband and I debate when we should switch him over to a big boy bed. The problem is we would need to go out and buy a brand new bed at places like AHF Furniture. I figure if we could get a few more months out of his crib, it would be easier to transition him to the bed.

With Hayley, we transitioned her at 3 years, 2 months. I felt it was the perfect age. She was old enough that she didn’t try to escape and come in our room at all hours of the night. It was really such a simple transition. Sure, we had one or two nights for her to get used to it, but after that, it was smooth sailing.

Zane, however, is 2 and I am pretty sure he will try to escape all night long. I am scared! My husband thinks it won’t be too bad, and that I am just working myself up. Who knows, right? Maybe, having independence will be a good thing for him. He won’t need to yell out for me, when he needs something. He will be able to get it himself. That is a definite advantage.

So, if you have little ones, when did you transition them? I would love to hear opinions!




*This is a partnered post. All my opinions are my own, and not swayed by outside sources.


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    I think the most important thing with little ones is to keep them safe. So if he is climbing out of his crib it might be a good idea to get a big boy bed or even the mattress on the floor for now so he can’t hurt himself. I think with rules in place he will learn to stay in his new big boy bed.

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    We are in the same predicament. Our boy is also 2 and he is getting out of the crib. I’m not sure how you know – with my older son I moved him at 3 and for months he got out of bed every few minutes. I think you just do the best you can and if you are worried that your son is going to get hurt, it’s time to make the switch.

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    My son’s bed turns into a toddler bed so we have that set up right now. He was so tall we had to make the switch whether we wanted to or not!

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    I vote to keep them in the crib as long as possible! Dylan was crawling out at 12 months, and we finally gave up at 15 months and transitioned him. Lexie was 4 when we took her crib away! Lily is staying put as long as possible!

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