In a few short months, I will be redoing my basement

I am so excited because the time is finally here for me to start on my big project of redoing my basement. When I originally bought my house, we had a small section of the basement that was finished, and the remainder that was unfinished. With the finished section, we made a small playroom that suites the kids perfectly. However, we have such a large empty space, that is just useless unless we finish it.

I had to convince my husband to finish the larger part of the husband. While it is expensive to finish, we have been saving up for it, for quite some time now. Every month, we put money into our basement fund and have been doing this now for a couple of years.

When I was looking what I wanted to do in the basement, I knew three rooms I definitely wanted to include in the floor layout of the basement. I knew I wanted to do a guest bedroom, an office for my blogging, and a media center where we would have a big movie screen projection. I have it all mapped out and ready to go when we have the designers coming in this coming December- I am thrilled to finally begin this journey to decorate and finish my basement!

My parents will also be so happy because they will finally have a place to stay in the basement. Right now, we do have one guest bedroom upstairs but if we have another child in the future, there will be no more space. We definitely need a guest bedroom down there. I want to decorate the bedroom so I was looking lately at some bedroom sets and lamps that might look good in the bedroom. We have beige walls downstairs so I have pretty much free range on how I want to decorate.

The first item that drew my attention in is the colourful table lamps that is available at Tesco Direct. They have the most incredible and unique table lamps. The colors of these lamps are so vivid and would look good in not only the guest bedroom, but probably every room in my house. I love the shapes and how different these table lamps are from your run around the mill table lamps that can be bought in mostly any store. I love finding different pieces that create a statement- the Tesco Direct Table lamps definitely does this.

Just take a look at some of their gorgeous table lamps:

The colors of these lamps are astonishing and quite beautiful. I am definitely going to narrowing down my selection in the next couple of weeks to choose which ones I want. The price is also very reasonable for these table lamps. Take a browse today and you will find beautiful, functional, and unique table lamps to suite your style of your homes.

Stay tuned because I will be documenting the path of starting my basement project in a few months…





*This is a partnered post. As always, all my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.


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    Love the look of those lamps! I hope you’ll share some before and after pictures with us! I’m a home design and DIY nut!