GradSave: Preparing for my Children’s future!

Although my children are only 1 and 3, we already are preparing for their future education. I think it is very important to be able to help my children with the exuberant costs of college that they will encounter in the future. Think about how much college is today, and I am pretty sure you can double that cost, to arrive at the amount that our children will need to spend on school later in life. It is truly crazy! Lucky for me, I found out about a great program called GradSave which is an online college savings registry that helps parents, family, and friends save for a child’s college education.

The way GradSave works is when someone makes a contribution, it goes directly into a child’s 529 college savings plan. It does not go into a bank account and the best part is, it will grow tax free till your child goes to college. I personally feel having people contribute to my children’s education in the future, is more important than any toys or clothes they will receive. My children have so many toys, so it would be nice for the upcoming holidays, if family contribute to their college education funds by using GradSave.

It is very easy to register for GradSave. Simply enter your child’s name and some background about your child, and fill out their 529 plan information. If you don’t have their 529 information, don’t worry, as they will help you do that! Then share your child’s friends and family, their GradSave plan so they can contribute. Birthdays, holidays- are fantastic times to share their GradSave plan! Then you can track who is contributing and see how their college fund grows year after year!

I truly believe GradSave is a great program! Education is key for my children and with the rise of college tuition, this is a great plan to sign up for! Your children can use the money for tuition, costs of living, books, and whatever else that pertains to their college experience.

GradSave is even helping to start your kids early with savings by raffling off 5 book bags. See below for complete information:

With school right around the corner, GradSave is here to help children get started out right with a backpack full of school supplies! As a company that supports educational savings plans, we understand how important it is for children to begin school prepared with the proper supplies, giving them the confidence needed to excel in the classroom. This is why GradSave will be raffling off five backpacks at the end of this month filled with:

• package of #2 pencils
• pencil sharpener
• crayons
• glue sticks
• Elmer’s glue
• child safety scissors
• colored markers
• ruler
• pocket folders
• paper/notebooks

To enter, visit the GradSave Facebook page at:

GradSave, the premier online college savings registry, offers ways for children and their parents to easily connect with friends and family to receive contribution gifts for holidays and birthdays, instead of toys or other more trivial gifts. Parents can start saving for college immediately and link their college savings plan when they’re ready. Friends and family love this gift and, in effect, are “crowdfunding college”. Expert advice and education in choosing a 529 plan is available, as well.





*This is a sponsored post. As always, all my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.

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