Do you play an instrument?

When I was young, I played several musical instruments. I started out playing the flute and then moved up to the clarinet. I grew up in a very musical family as my dad was a saxophone player when he was younger and my sister is currently climbing her way up the iTunes charts with her newly released single. So, as you can see- music is in my blood!

However, after going through middle/high school playing instruments, I gave it up. It was not that I didn’t like doing it; it just happened that other activities interested me more at the times. I gradually gave up my instruments and unfortunately today, I don’t know how to play any instruments.

A little over a year ago though, my love for music started to make an appearance in my life. My husband’s grandmother (who was very dear to my heart) passed away and left us with a baby grand piano. After she passed and her wish for us was to have this fantastic piano, I saw it as a huge sign that I needed to start loving music again. While contemplating if I should start playing the clarinet again, I decided that for the time being I was going to forgo that, and start to learn to play the piano.

I also decided that it would be extremely fun for both my daughter and I to start taking piano together. Since we both are newbies, I thought it would be a great time to start lessons and learn simultaneously. Hayley was all for this and was elated when I told her that we would be doing this together. I called up a local piano teacher and our first lesson is going to be next week. I can’t wait!

In preparation for next week, I decided to check out Music scores from Greatscores. I want to learn to play a vast array of music and what a better way than to see original scores. Hayley and I sat down and went through all the scores of music and found some great selections that we would both like.

I will keep you updated how it goes in the future. Wish us luck as we being our journey to learning to play the piano!



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    Hope your piano adventures turn out well! I can play the piano a tiny bit. I wish I could have taken more music lessons as a kid, but my parents weren’t able to afford them. My dad taught me what I know about the piano though.

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    I was in a drum & lyre band in grade school. On and of, I’ve been learning how to play piano and acoustic guitar. Man, I love music but I can’t keep up!

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    I play the flute and piano too! Not very well, but it’s still fun. :) I’m hoping my daughter will be into piano lessons, I’ve taught her to play Hot Cross Buns already. :) I love music, I come from a musical family too, so I’d love to pass it down like you’re doing!!

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    I play the piano and the voice. I had piano lessons for a hundred years and though at one point, I begged to stop, I think my mother was smart for making me continue. I don’t play much now but I do have a piano.

    My sister played the flute and was highly involved with band all through high school and I think that was a lifeline for her in high school.

    My other sister played no instruments and can’t really sing and I always believe it has something to do with why she has kind of been a wanderer in life.

    As a middle school teacher, I see kids come into 6th grade playing instruments or singing and then all of a sudden, by 8th grade, a lot of them have stopped. And a lot go off track right then. I see it time and time again. I truly believe the discipline of playing an instrument, even if you don’t love it and play it badly, has something to do with keeping us on track in life. I’ve experienced it myself and for 16 years I’ve watched it happen again and again.

    You’d be smart to get your kids started with lessons early and keep them doing it at least through middle school!