My comparison of Zane and Hayley at age 15 months!

I am struggling people… Really struggling! Zane is the cutest kid but he is a handful! I have no idea if it is a boy vs. girl thing or just their individual personalities, but I honestly feel Zane is so much harder than Hayley was at this age. Hayley was a tough baby and one of the easiest toddlers, while Zane was one of the easiest babies but boy, a tough toddler! Maybe, this is G-d’s way of laughing at me. I was so sure that Zane would continue to be a fantastic toddler but things have sort of shifted gears.

I am not going to say, Zane is a bad kid, because he most certainly is not. He is just tough and I am sure this will be a temporary stage, but regardless, it is a HARD stage/age! Zane does not speak much-only says two words (juice and hello) and knows very little sign language. I am beginning to work on sign language a lot more now because his verbal skills are much lower than Hayley’s were at this age and I need a better way of him communicating. By 15 months, Hayley was streaming together 2 words and by 18 months, she was speaking in complete sentences. Zane only says these two words and gets extremely aggravated when he doesn’t get what he wants. Due to his limited conversational tools, he ends up throwing fits and screaming on top of his lungs. Being a kids dentist and coming home after a long day of screaming kids… I already have a humongous headache! I guess what is one more screaming kid!

Zane also is into everything and I mean everything. My mom was here last weekend and told me, she remembered Hayley to be the same way, but I don’t. Maybe I just block it out- Who knows! Somehow, he managed to find a way to unlock the front door and open it. For real people- HELP me!! What am I going to do with this cute Zane monster. Might I also add, that he will climb just about anything that he can. Yep, the stairs… the television..the crib! I just pray that we can get a few more months out of the crib- I lasted till 3 years with Hayley in solitary confinement.

So, tell me- what age do you think is the hardest for kids? I am curious because everyone has their different opinions. In the meantime, I will go back to my regular scheduled program of the chasing game. Signing off…Melissa:)


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    Put one of those cheap little screw in flip hook locks on your door. We have them on our pantry and basement doors to keep the twins out, plus several closets. They are lifesavers!

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    Both my kids were great and terrors in different ages so every age has its ups and downs. Just keep in mind that EVERY bad stage passes eventually : )

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    Put a deadbolt on the front door. Saved us!

    I know exactly what you mean about the talking. Dom was talking in complete sentences too by 18 months. Logan was too. Charlie does not. She grunts and yells and cries. And throws tantrums. I really think it is because they have older siblings that do things for them so they do not learn how to communicate to us what they need. (D and L are almost 8 years apart so I think that helped with his language)

    Both Logan and Charlie get into everything and Dominic never really did. I also think this is because the oldest are like little adults because they are the only child around. The younger ones see the older ones act like kids and they explore more and try to keep up.

    It is all exhausting but it is just a phase and we will all get through it.

    Chin up girl! :)

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    LOL you really want to know!! Im afraid there, for me anyways, there doesnt seem to be a hardest age, as each age brings something new into the arena which is another hurdle for us moms, sorry you did ask :-)

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    I have boy girl twins, so it is hard NOT to compare at every age and stage. My daughter was always into everything until they hit about 2 1/2. Then my son turned into that cliche “all-boy.” It was like he was making up for lost time! He is so rough now, always tackling his sister. I heard her tell him the other day: “You’re not on the wrestling team!”

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    I think girls must have better verbal skills at an earlier age b/c I see many girls speak in sentences before boys Nolan’s age. It makes sense since girls are usually the ones doing all the talking when they get older LOL! I have no advice on this stage with Zane b/c Nolan is a pretty mild toddler about getting into everything. I know my friend’s son is into everything, and I think sometimes she lets him so he gets over the fascination with it…unless it is super dangerous and she puts her foot down. Good luck girl!

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    I have no one to compare V to, but I will say that she is acting in a way very similar to Zane (they are almost same in age). Ooooh boy, the CLIMBING, all the time on everything!! If the older one is supposed to be the calmer one, I am in trouble with baby #2 someday! My life got a whole lot busier this summer than it was last summer, hang in there momma, you are not alone!!!

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    Every kid is different! I agree with Natalie-I really do notice that girls are much more verbal than boys. For example, Lily is 10 months old and says more than the 21 month old boy that I watch. Dylan did talk as a baby, but Lexie was definitely more verbal!
    As for the get into everything stage, I really do think we block it out…and we’re so busy taking care of more than one child, that we can’t watch the baby as closely, so it seems like they are getting into more. I’ve said the same thing about Lily, but my mom assures me that she’s completely normal, LOL!

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    I TOTALLY AGREE! Quinn at almost 2 and Quinn at 15 months were 2 completely different babies. It was so frustrating not knowing what she wanted and I know it was hard for her too, but OMG. Now that she can talk and explain what she wants life is much better, so I know how you feel!

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    We had two girls followed by a boy and yes, he is much tougher in this toddler phase. We have had to lock everything because he will get in, on it, through it, over it, under it and try to jump or whatever. Crazy! But awfully fun!!!

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    Have you considered sign language to help with his communication? I have children with speech delays, and used Signiqqng Time DVDs to teach basic signs. It helped allot.

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    My son was the easiest up until age 2. My daughter has been trouble from the beginning!! I honestly think that it is an individual personality thing. But I am sure it will get better! Just remember how young he is and how frustrating it can be to try and communicate when you can’t get your complete thoughts out ;)

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    I think it’s just because with your first child you have more time and patience and energy. My 3-year-old seems to be far more rammy than my now 8-year-old ever was. But I think they probably are more alike than I realize and the changes are how I’m coping with it. I’m pregnant with my third oy vey!

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    I had six altogether, and each one was different. I did see a big difference between the boys and the girls since I had all three of the girls first, then the boys. He is being a boy, being investigative, showing his manliness. Just put up something that he can’t climb the stairs–I know you have a baby gate. If it is time to put the crib away, so be it. I had to put my boys’ crib mattress on the floor so that they would not fall out. Just watch and protect, and make sure he knows what NO means, but don’t hamper the boy process. This is what I did. My boys are now young well adjusted men. For communication, do try the sign language–I wish I had known about that.

  15. Lori Doherty says

    Melissa, my 3 have totally different personalities. Markie never had a “tough” stage in his 11 years. He was agreeable, quiet, thoughtful and was even reading books by age 3 1/2. He lived a very adult orientated life and acted like a little adult since birth. We could take him anywhere and he was perfect. He slept in his own bed since birth and slept 12 hours a night. Perfect. Taylor was horrible from birth to age 4. She cried over everything, whined, threw fits and sobbed all the time over nothing. She was very difficult to be around especially from age 2-3. She was very verbal, so expressing herself was not the problem, she was just very whiny and clingy and cried all the time. Once she hit 4.5 though, she was a blessing in every way! She quieted down, was a good listener, was agreeable to things and was very easy to be around and travel with. Xander is only 3.5 now, but… he has been very difficult since about 11 months when he started walking/talking. He is destructive and has an unbelievable amount of energy. He was a biter, is a hitter, a climber, an escape artist, uses curse words, spits, gets very angry, yells and is overall “challenging” ~ He is unpredictible and does not respect authority ~ I do see improvements in him lately, as he is maturing, but he is still tough and is very physical with the other 2 kids. I pray that he turns a corner soon. As we always say ~ Thank goodness he is cute.

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    Ok so I have no comparison since i only have the one, but I’ve heard it said that girls are usually more verbal at an earlier age. I was using complete sentences at 18 mos too, and it took my brother until almost three. Part of that is that the first child has no one to interact with on a child-like level and so their vocab develops more quickly but the second one has that child buddy built in.

    Evie’s not climbing yet, but when she does, someone will have to put me in a padded room.

    I’ll be praying that it gets better for ya!

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    My experience so far boys are SO MUCH harder than girls. It could all change by the teen years, but so far Drew has been much more challenging in every way. Love him to death, but tough kid (hence why I am not allowed a third child). Good luck!!! I hope Zane is better than Drew with potty training!!

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    I don’t have kids, but I have raised baby animals my entire life, and I have to tell you, there is a HUGE difference between boys and girls!

  19. maria says

    Melissa, I was just talking to my friend about the differences with her 3 children. One is four, one is almost 2 and one is 2 and a half weeks old. She said it is amazing how different they are all as babies. Her second was the toughest as a child and one year old and so far, her newborn is the most relaxed and chill @ night. You are an awesome mama and it looks like you’re getting great advice from the mamas above! :)
    Thank you for always making me smile. And encouraging me with your words.
    Wishing you great day and lots of luck!

  20. Kass says

    Its definitely not a boy versus girl thing. I am going to go with second child syndrome. Aiden was speaking so much better at this age as well. He was using two word consecutively. Rebecca says maybe 5 words. She understands everything you say to her so I know that her language skills are there and we have learned to understand her pretty well in the words/babble that she does use. Rebecca does get into more things then Aiden did. She has not tried to climb out of the crib, which I need to lower again before she gets any ideas. Look into getting the playyard gates. We have one around the tv to keep Rebecca from getting the wires.

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    Melissa, Baby C has been evaluated several times because of her Bacterial Spinal Meningitis. And they always tell me that toddlers will usually focus on one skill at a time. If they are awesome with movement (which sounds like Zane) then they may be slower with verbal skills and vice versa. I think we all go through hard stages with our kids. Though I only have one, I can’t compare, but just remember each child is an individual. From the posts I read, you seem like a good mom. Just be patient with him. Good luck!

  22. Kelley @Kelley's Passion for Nutrition says

    This was so sweet to read. Thank you for sharing. I know my son and daughter are complete opposites. :-)

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    All 3 of mine were so different (2 girls, 1 boy)…Julian was definitely more “into everything” than the girls. Mind you, Ava, my latest is quite a handful now that’s she’s two. It will get better as you know!

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    I totally understand! I have a 6 yr old girl and a 4 yr old boy. The girl was so easy (except for her mood swings) but the boy is like none stop. We call him the energizer bunny. He doesn’t stop till he is sleeping. :) And he is ALWAYS hungry. Yet he is skin and bones. I always have to keep an eye on him cause he is usually getting into something. Just like today… I couldn’t hear him so I knew something was up. Yup… he had opened purple hello kitty nail polish on brand new carpet. Got some on there and was trying to wipe it up with his shirt. :(
    Got any tips for removing that. I am hoping this spot cleaner will work… so far it got rid of most but I can still see a hint of it. ARGH!
    Worst thing is he just looks so darn cute! :)

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    I always found relief in the fact that toddlers seem to change temperament every 6 mos. I think I read it in a parenting book, but it got me through those bad mos. knowing they would come back around :) we have 3 who are nothing alike so I can relate. Hang in there!

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    Oooh man do I hear you! Some days it’s great and then SOME days… well, we all have those days! I had one of them TODAY. But we’ll miss these days soon enough, I’m sure… so let’s soak them up! :)

    Hope your night is a little easier! <3