I-Play site review- Fun for all ages!

I absolutely love playing games. I admit, I might be 33, but in my pastime, playing games is a fun break from the everday demands of motherhood.  Most nights, my husband and I can be found on our computers, relaxing before we head to bed, playing games. It truly is fun to play games even at our ages. I am hoping once the kids get older, they will enjoy our nightly rituals and join in on the fun!

Lucky for us, there is a new site called I-Play, where we can download games for sale as well as free online games. This all inclusive game site features some of the hit games that I just love to play including Zuma’s revenge and Bejeweled 2! I can assure you- you should go to this site and download Bejewled 2, just to see what all the fuss is about. Then I want you to report back to me with your score- guarantee, I will have beat you! I play this game a lot!

Some of the free daily games on I-Play, include Playtonium Daily Jigsaw, Daily Picma, and Wonderword. I have tried them all at I-Play and my favorite thus far is Wonderword. I love to challenge myself in all the puzzles and beat my previous score.  It really is a great game to play that allows me some diversion from my children,  and to just relax, and use some of my brain power.  I have noticed when my mother in law is over babysitting the children when I head to work, that Wonderword and Daily Picma are on the computer. I think she has bookmarked I-Play so she can have some fun when the kids are napping. I won’t tell though!

You can also find a vast array of Super Heroes games including Numen-Contest of Heroes, Pacific Heroes 2, Heroes of Kalevala, and Heroes of Helias 3-Athens. They also have a huge selection of hidden object games including Haunted Manor-Queen of Death, Affair Bureau, Exorcist 2, and The Keepers Lost Progeny.

However, as I said before, with Bejeweled being my favorite game, I tend to favor the Match-3 Games on I-Play. Some o f these selections include Big Kahuana Reeg 3, Zuma’s Revenge, Jewel Math 3, and bejeweled 2. If you are a farm frenzy game player, guess what- they have this too! Under Time Management Games, they have games including Happy Chef, Farm Frenzy 3 Ice Age, Delicious-Emily’s True Love, and 2 Tasty Too.

For endless hours of fun, please make sure to check out I-Play.  Set up an account and be on your way to hours of fun! My new obsession on this site is Mahjong- so far I am not doing great, but as they say, practice makes perfect.


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    I’ve purposely stayed away from Words with Friends and things like that because I know I’ll become obsessed with it! I’ll have to recommend this site to my friends who love games.

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    Oh I love playing games..although it takes up too much of my time, I can’t resist. Definitely going to check out this site now! Thanks!