Guest post: Things I am looking forward to with a toddler

Hey Mommyhood Chronicles readers. I’m so excited to be blogging today, while Melissa is away enjoying Hawaii. I’m Amber, and I blog over at Educating Miss Amber. I’m a teacher and first-time mom to Liam, who’s going to be one on May 1st.



As Liam has gotten closer to turning one and as the toddler years quickly approach, I’ve found myself oscillating between not wanting him to grow up and looking forward to what he’s going to do next.


Things I’m looking forward to:


-Communication: It seems like communication only gets better at this point. Instead of crying those big crocodile tears, he’ll soon be able to say things like “I’m hungry” or “I’m tired” or “Mooommm, I need you right now.”


-Humor: On that same note, Liam gets funnier and funnier the more he is able to communicate. I need laughter in my life, and I can’t wait for his goofball attitude to keep me laughing on a daily basis.


-Independence: I honestly can’t wait for the day that Liam will be able to dress himself. (Although, I’m sure this means I’ll show up to daycare to find him dressed in some crazy outfit—purple shirt, red shorts, and his Hop on Pop tennis shoes.)


-Projects: I can’t wait for the day that I find him building some crazy fort in the back yard. I was big into that kind of stuff when I was a kid, and I think it’s so important for kids to be allowed to be kids—to play, to create, and to dream.


Things I’m not looking forward to:


-Toddler Hypochondria: “Mom, I need a band aid for this (non-existent) cut on my finger.”


-Temper Tantrums: You know, standing in the middle of Storybook Island screaming because he wants to ride the train one more time as people walk around me glaring at me for not having more control over my child. I know about this because I spent a few summers in college working as a nanny and experienced this. One lady stopped and said, “You better listen to your mommy.” I looked at the woman, teeth gritted and said, “I am not her mommy.” Yeah, I’m not looking forward to the day when I have to admit to being that child’s mother.


“Seriously, Mom. Enough with the pictures already.”


-Projects: Even though it’ll be so cute watching him run around collecting supplies for his fort, I’m definitely not looking forward to the day when that “project” turns into crayon all over my walls or a destroyed bedspread.


-Independence: I think there’s a part of us that gets used to being a mom, used to running to our babies at their every beck and call. We love to snuggle and nurture, and there’s a part of me that isn’t ready to let that go.  While I know that those moments will still happen occasionally, I’m worried that they’ll get fewer and far between.


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  1. says

    I love this post. It is sad when they get bigger and don’t want to snuggle as much but its also nice at the same time. And the fiddler hypochondria can be avoided if you don’t play up to needing a band aid everytome they hurt themselves. ;)

  2. says

    The toddler stage has been MY FAVORITE! I will say invest in crayola color wonder…my son LOVES to color and draw and this has saved my walls, furniture and his clothes. Good luck and happy birthday to your little guy!