Do you shop online?

Who has time to hit the malls when you have two small kids? Zane is almost 11 months, Hayley is 3 1/2 years old, I am a dentist, I am a blogger- so where does shopping fit in? Can you relate? As much as I wish I had time to shop in the stores, the reality is my time these days is very limited. After coming home from work, as much as I want to hit up the local mall, it just does not happen. 6 o’clock rolls around on a weekday- dinner time. 8 o’clock rolls around- bath/nighttime routines start. Who wants to go to the mall after  all of this? All I want to do is grab my nice glass of wine and watch The Bachelor. I know what you are thinking, “The Bachelor?” That is another discussion.

Anyway,  I have discovered a new way to shop-buying products online via online payment systems. There is nothing like sitting down at night and surfing the web for clothes that I need to buy, whether for myself, or my kids via a simple click of my mouse. Clothes are usually what I end up buying online. However, now that I have kids, I buy tons of their toys online as well. Most of the time, I try to research the best sales that online sites are having and bookmark them for later use.  Then once, or perhaps, twice a week, I go to my favorite shop online and start shopping!

Some of my favorite stores to shop at online include Amazon, Children’s Place, and Gap. Amazon is my go to online store for everything. I have Amazon Prime so shipping for me is always free. I tend to get anything and everything from a sippy cup to an expensive television at Amazon. Their turnaround time for shipping is 2-3 days and it is truly a fantastic site to use. I also really love shopping for Hayley and Zane’s clothes at the Children’s Place and Gap. Everyday, I get sales from them emailed to my inbox. I usually make sure I hit up these online sales and end up saving substantial money on some adorable clothes that we need. Perhaps we don’t NEED everything I buy, but they are too cute to pass up. I am sure you can relate on this as well!

Why do I shop online? Very simply- it is easy! I can do it in the comfort of my pajamas with my glass of wine, all the while watching The Bachelor. I don’t have to waste a second going into my car and dealing with the horrendous parking. I also don’t have to deal with the traffic inside the mall. How many times, have you seen those aweful lines when that one store was holding that spectacular sale? Chances are you can get that same sale online in your home. If you are worried about shopping online, putting in your credit card and internet payment has never been easier, as well as safer, then it is today. 

*This is a partnered post. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.

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  1. Shopping Tips and Tricks says

    I love to shop online! and I are best friends! lol! I order TP online even!

  2. Elizabeth says

    I do both, clothes I still buy in person, because I can't stand having to mail things back if they don't fit. Gifts, books, even some food items I purchase on-line because I love the convenience!

  3. Mellisa says

    After having kids it's such a nightmare to go out shopping. I love shopping online and find that you can get some pretty good deals.

  4. Amber says

    I do both as well. Sometimes I can find such better deals online then in the store. But then I have those times where it's just nice to get out and shop while the kids are in school.

  5. Maria says

    I buy a ton of stuff online! Especially clothes because with kids in tow, buying anything for myself is limited to maybe nail polish but even that I have to choose quickly.

  6. Lynsey @MoscatoMom says

    I do not shop online near as much as most everyone else I know. I actually enjoy going to the stores. Like today I decided I wanted a FitBit, but looked and see that my BestBuy has it – so instead of ordering it from Amazon, I am gonna go by tomorrow and pick one up. As much as I like shopping online, the instant gratification of picking something up as soon as I decide I want it tends to win out just about every time! :)

  7. Heather says

    My son has not one but two shirts that say "I take the joy out of shopping" and it's true… even just running in for something specific is a chore, especially when I have both boys with me… love to shop online!

  8. Meagan P - Sunshine and Sippy Cups says

    I shopped online a lot before having a baby – but holy heck! Now that I have a toddler, online shopping is the ONLY way to get it done, lol.

  9. Chelsea says

    I am CONSTANTLY shopping online.. I think it gets me into ALOT of trouble. I shop for everything online you an always get WAY better deals.

  10. Samantha says

    I always used to be someone who HAD to try everything on… but since Gwen, I don't think that you could pay ME to go to the mall. lol. seriously, it's more work than fun. I have become a BIG fan of shopping online… and drinking while doing so :)

  11. Candice says

    I love Amazon as well! And I've been known to spend a little too much money at CP ;). They have the cutest little boys clothes and at great prices!

  12. Jai M. says

    I do most of my shopping online. Any 'tech' stuff and I'll check at first and then second. If it's not tech related then I'll just go straight to amazon. As for clothes, I buy sweats and work shirts online too…anything that's comfy or that can be a little big. I still go to the local stores for clothes that are hard to size unless you can actually try them on.

  13. Brandy says

    I love shopping online, it's just so much easier for me than trying to find a time around 3 kids schedules & then trying to find someone to hang with them so I can go out peacefully! lol

  14. UntrainedHairMom says

    I do shop online. I agree, it is easy! There is also not a whole lot of place to shop near me, unfortunately

  15. royalegacy says

    I do some shopping online, but mostly it is just to compare prices. I do like to go and get it myself. But with the price of gas so high, I might just be buying online more often. Oh, how I wish the price of gas of $2.50 again.

  16. Kass says

    I do most of my shopping on-line. Like you said, who has time to go out shopping with small kids. Plus when I am trying to find something I noticed that sometimes I just get overwhlemed with everything in the store. Its just a pain in the butt to walk through the store and maybe something will catch your eye and maybe it will be in the size that you need. I like that online you can filter things out so that you see only the things that you want to see and if you get free shipping or a discount code then all the better.

  17. Maryann says

    We do shop on line, especially for things I don't have to try on like clothes and shoes. And if shipping is free.

  18. Marina at My Busy Children says

    I am so into shopping online. I dont go to stores at all now, just to get groceries

  19. AnnaZed says

    I shop online all of the time and I am a big fan of Amazon wishlists. I tell ya', it made Christmas with the in-laws much easier.