New Year, New Reads, Prize Pack #2- I see the Sun series

I see the sun books written by Dedie King and Illustrated by Judith Inglese is a series of children’s books about different countries. My family and I are very into learning about different cultures and countries and these series of books did not fail to disappoint. The three books included I see the Sun in Nepal, I see the Sun in Afghanistan, and I see the Sun in China.

Each of these stories go through the cultural elements of the country from going through the day of a child’s life from morning to night. Each book is beautifully illustrated and brings to light not only the cultural aspect of the country but also the language of each country, presented on top of each page. Each page is written in English but is also translated on the top to the respective country. In the back of each book is a glossary for all the words that were used in the book. They pay particular attention to translating what the important words mean that are relevant to the culture.  When we go through each book, it is as if, we are going to the actual country. I also thoroughly enjoyed reading about each of the countries. I had no idea about some of these cultures and it was exciting to learn more through the reading of these adorable kids books. The books are also eloquently written but also easy enough for my three year old to understand.

In I see the Sun in Afghanistan,  you will spend the day with Habiba, a young Afghan girl in her hometown of Bamiyan. Her family is preparing for their family to move in with them and Habiba is concerned not everyone will fit in her house.  It takes you through the day in her life. In I see the Sun in China, it follows a young child as she travels from a small town to the city of Shanghai, going through the events that take place in one day. I loved reading about all the Chinese culture. In I see the Sun in Nepal, it takes you through one day in the life of a boy in Nepal. It goes through his days of eating waking, doing chores, going to school, and such, all involving the Nepal way.

I highly recommend these books. They are truly a fantastic way to learn about different countries as well as to engage your children. For more information and to purchase these books, please check out: I see the Sun series.

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  1. Lentil says

    Really cool. I've often thought about how to teach my daughter about other parts of the world, and have been wanting some good books to do so!