Maukilo’s Haba Push Wooden Toy Review and Giveaway!

I love buying toys from the Maukilo brands of toys. They have some great kids toys and I recently got the chance to review one of the products seen here: Haba toys.  I am writing today to tell you about another toy I recently received and would love my readers to know about from the awesome Haba collection from Maukilo. Once you finish reading the review, make sure you enter below for your chance to win!

This fabulous toy I am talking about is the Pushing Animal Wooden Cackling Cathy.  I remember like it was yesterday when Hayley was walking and was in that stage where she loved to push toys. She would take her push toy and go all over the house with it.  While I loved her push toys, none of them were made of wood, which I love. Wood withstands the test of time in terms of how long the products last. Most of Hayley’s push toys were tossed after a certain time. So we were more than excited when we received the new wooden Haba push toy.  Maukilo, a terrific toy company that sells Haba brand as well as other brands, makes three of these pushing toys including the Pushing Animal Cackling Cathy with the base of a duck, the  Pushing Animal Chris Croak  with the base of a frog, the Pushing Animal Flapping Frank with the base of a butterfly, and the Pushing Figure Tumble Tum with the base of a clown.  

We decided to test out Hayley with her new Pushing Animal Cackling Cathy Push Toy. This toy is really intended for Zane, once he gets to the walking stage, but Hayley LOVED it! She pushed the toy throughout the house and was giddy at making the duck move. Here she is with the Pushing Animal Cackling Cathy:

These push toys are designed  to enhance motor skills and balance in children 18 months of age and up. Each push toy has an unique design base (frog, clown, duck, and butterfly) that are pushed around by the children using the handle. They will love running around pushing it and will squeal with delight seeing all the wheels turn. The colors on each of the toys are so vibrant and they will love seeing the toy come to life. It will bring a smile to kids face at the same time as allowing them to exercise rather than remain sedentary. After playing and having fun with the push toys, they will be ready for a good nap. 

I am really excited for Zane to walk and use his new push toy. It might be awhile but I know Hayley will love playing with it in the meantime and because of the way it is made, it will withstand the test of time!

If you are interested in buying these toys or any other great Maukilo toys, please click here: One reader will win their choice of either:
·         HABA Pushing Animal Flapping Frank
·         HABA Pushing Animal Cackling Cathy
·         HABA Pushing Animal Chris Croak
TjThese push toys retail for $43.00 on the Maikilo website. Enter to win by filling out the rafflecopter below. The only mandatory entry is to tell me which of the above push toys, from the 4 choices listed above, you would like. While it is not required to fill out the other entries in the rafflecopter, I highly recommend it as it increases your chances of winning! Good luck! Please click “read more” for the rafflecopter contest

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When it comes to unique, high quality toys and gifts, Maukilo is unmatched in selection. Whimsical and innovative, our baby toys and toddler toys reflect our values of staying playful and environmentally-friendly.
Owned by HABA, the German-based forerunner of wooden kids toys, Maukilo has always offered a variety of European toys that serve to educate and inspire children throughout the years. Designed with creativity and incomparable durability, with Maukilo products you can truly Buy Once, Play Forever.

* I received this toy for reviewing purposes. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources. 



*I received this toy for reviewing purposes. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.

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  1. Isra says

    Flapping Frank looks adorable, they all do actually. HABA toys are lovely! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  2. Laura O in AK says

    All of the choices look great to me. Makes me wish we had hard wood floors for our toddler to play with something like this.

  3. Jen + Jeff says

    I like Cackling Cathy because Leila like everything that swims and her "quack" is to die for!

  4. Janet K says

    This would be a difficult choice for me because I really like the Flappin Frank (I love butterflies) but I think my son would get a kick out of the Chris Croak (especially if it makes lots of noise!!)

  5. Maria says

    these push toys are great, melissa!! a few of my friends have had them.
    of course, i couldn't help but notice hayley stylin' and prettier than ever. i love her sparkly bright pink shoes and matching tutu/skirt!!
    she's a doll!!
    hope your week is going well!
    only a few more days til thanksgiving <3

  6. Alicia says

    I like Chris Croak and Cackling Cathy. I'd have to show the pictures to my boyfriend's grandson so he could pick which one he wanted!