Strollers,Strollers,Strollers- That is the question?

I was recently asked by friend who just gave birth to her first baby, what is the best stroller? Well, I figured I would blog about it and get opinions because honestly I now own 9 beautiful strollers and it might help other moms from making the same mistake as me.

My quest for stollers began when I was pregnant with my first child. I was one of the first in my group of friends who had children, so I couldn’t rely on help in that department. My next idea was to go to my local Babies R’ Us to research strollers. While this was helpful, I really needed to narrow down what the gentleman told me at the store, so I took some of his suggestions and started searching for reviews.

Off I went to Babies R’ Us the next day, and I bought my first travel system for my soon to be born daughter. Once she came into this world, I took it out of the box and started using it. While I liked it, I soon began to go to  mommy groups and started to learn all about these other strollers that I saw my new friends were using.

And so began my excessive, unnecessary spending on strollers.  I was like an addict and when I saw a new one, I just needed to have it! Yes, I know, it was insane but at the time, I kept thinking that the next stroller purchase will be better than the first.  I look at that time and laugh because even with the best of strollers, but daughter hated sitting in one.  I ended up wearing her in the ergo and the strollers collected dust in my garage till a few years later.

When my son was born, I knew I needed a double stroller because ironically, at age 2, my daughter took a liking to being in a stroller and she still does to this day. I definately learned from my mistake and went with only one double stroller  purchase from doing indefinite research on this topic. I ended up getting a great deal at a local consigment shop and I couldn’t be happier. For all moms out there, check out your local consignment shops. You can score some great deals on strollers!

Here are my favorite strollers thus far:

The Snap and Go:  I take this everywhere with me. My son at 5 months, weighs almost 20 pounds, so there is no way I am carrying the infant seat without this. The infant seat just snaps in and you are ready to go. The name says it all! It is so portable and folds very nicely in the car. I highly recommend this product.

The Maclaren  Quest Stroller:  This is a higher end umbrella stroller that is extremely light and compact. It has a great peek-a boo canopy that you can see your children and has extended leg room which makes naptime in this stroller a dream.  My daughter loves this stroller and will sit for hours in it.

The City Mini Double Stroller:  My personal favorite in double strollers. It is an all-terrain stroller with two swiveling front wheels.  It is extremely lightweight compared to other strollers I tested. It is a smooth ride when both of my children are sitting in it. I have been known to do 3 mile walks with them buckled in and have no complaints from the peanut gallory. It is also extremely durable,easy to set up, and can easily be stowed away in the car. Because I bought this stroller at a consignment shop, I ended up paying $180 compared to the sticker price of $400.  I give this stroller an A+.

So now please tell me, what are your favorite strollers?

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  1. Kass says

    We used our travel system for a while but it's hard to shop in since it's so wide. We ended up getting a second for Seths car bit never used it with all the gear bs has to carry for work. Then we gt the jogger to take camping with us and for salmon in Boston and Newport with the brick sidewalks. Wantng a smaller light weight stroller I bought the Graco Cleo it was such a PITA to open so it went into tue basement and I've tried to sell it. Now with the arrival of Rhecca I wanted a sit n stand but we dcided we didn't want another stroller and Aiden likes to walk anyway. So since Rebecca is smaller. I was determined to get the Cleo to work. I've mastered it now and I am much happier. Plus it takes up less space. Once she is out of the bucket sear the whole travel system is getting sold together.

  2. Jenn [ Crippled Girl ] says

    no babies yet – but I'll have to remember to re-read this post once I get pregnant! :)

  3. Melissa @ Filling Our Bucket says

    I'm obsessed with my BOB, which I see you also have!! We use it for everything, and I love it. The only thing I don't like about it is how it can be sort of cumbersome when it is folded up. Particularly since there really isn't a way to lock it closed.

    I can say what stroller I DON'T like, and that is my Chicco umbrella stroller. The awning part of it is horrible. You can't fold the stroller with the awning on it, because it'll get all bent out of shape. Now the awning is basically worthless, it doesn't shield our son from the sun at all.

    I need to find a good umbrella stroller to take with us to Disney in November. I would love to take the BOB, because it is perfect for napping, but it would be too much on the buses and the monorail!

  4. Tessa says

    We have a Bugaboo Bee for the single, which I LOVE. It's so lightweight. For our double I have the P&T sport which I'm also a big fan of. I wish I would've known I was going to have 2U2 b/c I would've just gotten the P&T as it's a single that converts to a double.

  5. Jen says

    OMG that is too funny. I bought a blue Graco Stroller/Car Seat Combo when I was pregnant with my Son and used it for my daughter. Those days are long gone, lol.

    Thank you for joining us on I ♥ Blogging Hop, I am following back. Have a great weekend.

  6. Emily Kate says

    Hilarious, it's like your own stroller store! We love our Graco double stroller for our two boys, no need for any other one!:)

  7. LOVE MELISSA:) says

    Kass, we also have a travel system which I didn't like at all. It was too bulky and didn't seem that comfortable. I wish I just bought the snap and go and never invested in a travel system.

    Melissa, I love my bob for an everyday walking around my development stroller but it is too big and annoying to fold,for me, for everyday car trips,etc. I highly suggest the Macclaren for Disney. You can't go wrong! And I'm so jealous you are going to Disney!!

    Tessa, my sister in law raves about the P &T. She absolutely loves that stroller. I always wanted a bugaboo! I heard rave responses about the bugaboo double as well.

    Emily, tell me about it!! Left you a comment on your blog post today after you found my blog. You are a true inspiration!

    Jen, definitely save. There are some great suggestions here.

  8. Jayme says

    With seven kids, and a set of twins in the mix, I've gone through SO many strollers.

    I am currently down to three doubles and a cheap umbrella.

    I've probably had more than 20 over the years though! My favorite single stroller was a Tyke Tech. My favorite double is currently my Jane Powertwin, but it needs new wheels.

  9. Maria says

    I bought a chicho travel system when pregnant with my first. It was nice in theory but it was only used a handful of times. I did buy a nice jogging stroller that I really enjoyed but then along came baby #2. We just bought a sit and stand stroller and have used it quite a bit this summer alone. But, honestly, the most used, most valuable stroller I have ever owned is a cheap (like 20 bucks) umbrella stroller that lives under the back seat of my car. I use it ALL the time!

  10. Working Mommy says

    I have a graco double stroller that I LOVE! It folds down just as small as the single stroller and it the same weight – if you can believe that!


  11. pargasjunkyard says

    I am hopping through…trying to get to all my Friday Hop Blogs! As a mother of 5 I have owned my share of strollers too! My favorite by far is the stroller we currently have to use with grandkids, etc… it is a Graco and is so easy to fold, etc… and even has a spot for my soda as well as a place for keys, etc…! Follow me back @ and/or on facebook @

  12. Camille says

    i have a baby trend travel system that has served me well so far! if we do have another little munchkin i think i will be looking for a double BOB :).


  13. diana says

    I'm late commenting, but I LOVE my baby jogger summit XC jogging stroller. If I were starting over I would buy a Graco snugride carseat, a snap'n'go stroller frame and a baby jogger summit xc with a car seat adapter. I have a Safety 1st travel system, which I like, but we will likely never use the stroller without the carseat, so I feel like it was a waste. Also there is not an adapter for the baby jogger (or any other jogger that I could find) for the Safety 1st OnBoard 35 carseat.

  14. Hug a tree with me says

    I'm your newest follower from the hop. check me out at http;// whenever u can

  15. The Lungos says

    You seriously could open a stroller store! We bought a Baby Trend travel system with Peanut and used it ALL the time. It was our only stroller until Little Man because I am a babywearer a used my ergo for walks, shopping, you name it. Anyway, Little Man was not so easy to wear and I was tiered of the travel system so we started shopping and ended up with a Chariot double bike trailer/stroller combo and LOVE it. It is easy to fold, light and flat out AWESOME. More here:

    Since then I also picked up a little umbrella stroller at our consignment store which I leave in the car.