My NJ Staycation

Hayley and I went on a solo trip to NJ for a week back in mid June. I left the not-yet-three month old in very capable daddy hands and off we went. I learned three very important things on this journey:

1. Hayley is deathly afraid of trains  2. Hayley is deathly afraid of pooping on the potty and 3. And if you call her Hayls, expect a full out temper tantrum

1. We decided to take the train to NJ to spend the week. The cost of taking the plane and the cost of paying for gas was ridiculous. I paid 90 dollars for both of us to travel by train – score!! Hayley and I went downstairs to await our train and all of a sudden she throws herself on the floor and yells “I am so afraid. I am not going on.” She meant serious business. She stayed on the floor for about 5 minutes hysterical crying while other passengers were looking at me with the “I feel so sorry” for you stare. Oh, did I mention that I had 3 bags, a car seat, and a stroller with me and I was traveling solo. Finally I got her up and bribed her with the M&M’s I was going to save for mid-trip. The train finally arrived and she refused ( in the lament terms) to go on. The very nice conductor (who had to have kids) came up to her and told her Thomas made the train especially for her. Well, that is what did it. She went on and kept bragging to all the passengers that this is her Thomas train.I am sure they enjoyed her entertainment on the train.  After that she calmed down but then we hit nap time where all hell broke loose. She refused to nap and was a raging mess. We finally after 3.5 hour got off  the train only to be greeted by my dad who picked us up at Penn Station. I thought this is great- easy peasy. Not quite- we hit the rush hour of all rush hour traffic. When we finally arrived home, I told my mom to take her and put her to bed and I downed a complete bottle of Riesling.

* A word to you travelers- take 1 bag! Seriously take 1 bag. I looked like Santa on Christmas day except substitute the presents for bags. Trust me, you never want to travel alone like this with a loose toddler. I learned my lesson the hard way and I want to relay it to you before it it too late!


2. So, Hayley is potty trained. Great you say. Hold on, what I mean is she pee trained. She still craps her pants daily! I have tried every book and every trick in the book out there. Hayley if you poop on the potty, we can go get the biggest present that exists. Hayley if you poop on the potty, we can read every book tonight you want. Hayley if you poop on the potty, you can get all the M&M’s you want. You get the picture. Nothing and I mean nothing works! We finally sat down on the potty last week when I knew she had to poop and it turned into the worst fighting match I had in my mind. It was her vehemently fighting with me and telling me she will NEVER poop in the potty. Great, but I do think you’ll change your mind when none of the boys look at you with that terrible stench,lol. So for now, I will say I am very proud of Hayley for going pee on the potty. We never really have accidents and we are now wearing underwear. Yes we throw away a pair or two a week but that is life!


3. This is just a funny one. I have been calling her Hayls since birth or some form of Hayls- Hayley bear, Hayley love,etc. She recently begun  to yell at me “I am not Hayls, I am Hayley”. And if someone else calls her that, oh boy, I feel sorry for you!


On the last note, Zane is doing great! He eats more than I think a boy can possibly eat, still poops 7-8 times a day, and sleeps regularly from 9-7. He really is a good boy and again I say,” Thank you G-d.” After having him, it reassured me that I want three kids. Yes, I’m nuts!!

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