Protect Your Eyes – Tips to Keep Your Eyes Healthy with Spektrum!

Protect your eyes at all costs. You only get one set, and they can feel the strain of day to day life. That’s especially true these days with more computer and tech jobs and more and more techno-gadgetry out there. Our eyes get a huge workout everyday. And while most of us can’t and/or won’t change what we do on our devices, it’s easy to help protect your eyes and still do what you love with your doodads and whatsits.Spektrum

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Easy Ways to Protect Your Eyes

I’m a techno fiend, and I love my computer and gadgets. I’m also a blogger. Those two things combined mean I’m not stepping away from my screens anytime soon. So knowing that, I’ve put together a list of ways we can all protect our eyes while we use our devices.


Eat your veggies. All your veggies. Just like the rest of our body, our eyes require a variety of vitamins and nutrients to be their best. Be sure you get in all your recommended veggie servings in every day. Focus on brightly colored veggies and make sure you eat those carrots. They’re great ¬†for your eye health.


One of the best ways to protect your eyes is to frequently rest them. Look away from the screen every half hour. Get up, make the rounds through the house or the office and then get back to what you were doing. Those few minutes can give your eyes the rest they desperately need.


Our bodies are over 75% water, so if we aren’t properly hydrated, everything suffers. That includes our eyes. Staying well hydrated can help prevent that dry, grainy feeling in your eyes. When you’re hydrated, your eyes are hydrated.

Protect Your Eyes from Blue Lightspektrum glasses

Blue light is what really hurts our eyes when we’re at our computers or devices. That blue light spectrum is actually what causes the bulk of our eye strain. And it’s not only tiresome to our eyes, it’s also harmful over time. You can protect your eyes from blue light by wearing Spektrum glasses. Spektrum glasses are stylish, and they help block out 50% of the blue light that bombards our eyes when we use devices.spektrum

Protect Your Eyes Today for Future Sight

Our eyes are so important, and what we do to and with them today affects out tomorrows. So follow the tips above to help protect your eyes on every front and ensure that your eyes stay healthy for a lifetime. In this day of technology around every corner, it’s more important than ever.

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