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First Alert has always been the first name in home safety when it comes to things like fires, smoke, and carbon monoxide. Now First Alert is raising the bar even higher with their Dual Sensor Photoelectric/Ionization Smoke and Fire Alarm. This alarm is designed to detect smoke AND different kinds of fires. With this technology, your family is doubly protected, and so is mine. And we’re protected for 10 years with a sealed battery that never needs changing.unnamed-5


First Alert Dual Sensor Smoke and Fire Alarm

I am thoroughly impressed with the specs on this alarm, and I’ll tell you why. It’s not just a one trick pony. This alarm detects smoke and has a dual action fire detection system for identifying smoldering fires as well as flash fires. With this alarm, you’re protected from fast acting flames like grease fires or smoldering situations like cigarettes burning in couches or bedding. Here’s how.

Photoelectric Sensing Technology

This type of technology is the most sensitive and more suited to detecting smoldering fires. That means this sensor can detect a potential disaster before it erupts into something much much worse.

Ionization Sensing Technology

This type of technology isn’t as sensitive as Photoelectric sensing and is more suited to detecting fast acting fires like grease fires or paper-fueled fires. This is the technology that the majority of smoke detectors use.unnamed-4

First Alert Dual Sensor Smoke and Fire Alarm Product Details

This is no ordinary smoke detector. This dual sensor smoke and fire alarm provides a double layer of safety and security to our families by detecting smoke as well as two different types of fires, which is especially important to me since I have three children. Take a look at the specs.

  • Dual Technology - Utilizes ionization and photoelectric smoke sensors for dual protection
  • Intelligent Technology - Reduces non-emergency or nuisance alarms
  • No Battery Worries - Sealed, 10 year lithium battery
  • Loud - Emits a loud 85 dB alarm for maximum warning effect

The First Alert Dual Sensor Photoelectric/Ionization Smoke and Fire Alarm is the pinnacle of home smoke and fire safety. With a dual layer of detection, I can feel safe and secure, knowing that I, my husband, and our three children are thoroughly protected from fires for a full 1o years. I love this detector, and I want you to be able to try it too.unnamed-1

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