Riding a Bike – Schwinn SmartStart for First Time Riders! #SchwinnSmartStart

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Riding a bike is a big thing for kids. Learning how to ride a bike is a rite of passage that all kids go through. It’s one of those milestones in a child’s life that cements their own sense of autonomy and self reliance. Of course, we help them get started, but when it’s all said and done riding a bike is the childhood equivalent of climbing Mount Everest. It’s a HUGE accomplishment.Schwinn bike

Riding a Bike is More Then Getting on and GoingSchwinn bike

Teaching the kids to ride their bikes is a big responsibility for us. I remember when I first learned how to ride a bike. You’ve heard of sink or swim, I’m sure. Well, that was riding a bike for me. Only it was peddle or fall! While I learned to ride like that, I’d prefer for my kids to have a better experience. Maybe a little more excitement and less terror. ;)

Schwinn feels the same way. That’s why they want to be a part of the journey for first time riders. Schwinn was established in 1895 and today, they’re still the go-to resource for recreational bike riders. These guys know their stuff, and they’re sharing that knowledge with the rest of us.Schwinn bike

I used the handy dandy bike riding infographic below to help me better help my child ride. This infographic can help parents with teaching their kids about riding a bike with advice on everything from picking out a bike with a comfortable fit to the best way to introduce them to the actual act of riding a bike. It’s a great resource from Schwinn and their partner in the endeavor ToysRUs.
 photo Schwinn_Infographic_041416_v6_zpsovfgswvw.jpg

Schwinn SmartStart Bikes at ToysRUs

ToysRUs has the largest selection of 16″ bikes around, and whether you have a son or a daughter, Schwinn SmartStart Bikes, available at ToysRUs, are perfect for learning to ride a bike. With these bikes, riding a bike can be a thing of joy for the kids. They’ll be off the training wheels in no time!

  • Classic 16″ wheel size perfect for new riders
  • Better balance for easier learning
  • Less wobble, more safety
  • Light-weight for more stability
  • Seat shaped and sized for children
  • Bike grows with your child
  • Smaller grips for smaller hands
  • Pedal width matches child hip width
  • Limited lifetime warrantySchwinn bike

 photo Social2_zpsxbcjlbum.jpg

Riding a Bike with Confidence Thanks to SchwinnSchwinn bike

Using the informative infographic on riding a bike form Schwinn,┬áteaching my son to ride on the Schwinn SmartStart bike has been joy. My son is so excited to be riding a bike, and there hasn’t been one skinned knee! Schwinn SmarStart bikes makes riding a bike a quick and easy proposition with all the information we’ll need, as well as, a bike designed to practically guarantee success. If your child is talking about riding a bike, check out the Schwinn SmartStart line at ToysRUs.

For even more information on teaching kids to ride, take a look at this video. For more information on Schwinn SmartStart take a look here.

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