TutoTod – Get Your Craft On This Holiday Season! Learn how here!

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TutoTod was made for parents who love to craft but don’t want to spend a stack of cash on a zillion crafting supplies. As a crafter myself, TutoTod is a valuable resource to me, because I don’t have to waste a ton of money at the supply store, buying up crafting supplies for a project that my kids end up abandoning halfway through.

TutoTod Crafting is Crafting at Its Bestpc204676-1

TutoTod is the app to end all apps for a crafter. Crafting is something we can do with our kids to promote creativity in a big way. Unfortunately, crafting is also something that can drain our bank account if we aren’t careful! The beauty of TutoTod is that every craft in the app can be made using a combination of only 6 materials and tools. All you need is paper, string, toilet paper rolls, markers, glue, and scissors. Event he most NON-crafty person has all of these items in their house. Its brilliant when you think about it.

With TutoTod, all you need is your iPad and you’re all set for crafting. It’s the absolute best combination of old and new school. In a time when it’s impossible to ignore technology, TutoTod is using technology in a different way. It’s not a game. It’s not a virtual anything. TutoTod is an app with a huge library of crafts, which parents can do with their children, and the entire process is laid out from start to finish, so you can see how it all works and goes together.

All you have to do is follow their simple steps, laid out in their text and photos, and in a few minutes, you and your kids have made a wonderful project together. And all the projects offered by TutoTod give you an estimated time frame. So you can decide on something simple or something more involved.

Christmas Has Come to TutoTod

In honor of the craftiest season of all, TutoTod has added 20 Christmas craft tutorials to its impressive library of crafts, giving this app a total 0f 89 crafts for parents to do with their children. I think it’s fantastic. In fact, I’m already eyeing a few of their Christmas crafts to do with the kids this week. Obviously, Rudolph has already made the cut. =D For more information, visit the TutoTod website. You can also download TutoTod from iTunes. Check it out!

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